Sunday, March 4, 2012

7 things

  1. Rain is a wonderful glorious thing. We are supposed to be having an epic Cyclone hit KZN today, but so far it's just been lovely rain.
  2. Flea markets are a fabulous way of spending your day. Meeting new creative and crafty people and sourcing precious gems. We didn't get a chance to get to the i heart market yesterday, but we did spend a great part of the day at the Essenwood flea market in Durbs.
  3. Dreams. What a way to mess with your mind.
  4. 10 year old kids really are very cute.
  5. Teaching 10 year old kids the concept of scientific properties of matter and atomic particles is really not very cute.
  6. South Korean internet is like an Olympic Sprint Gold Medalist compared to South African snail-web.
  7. Some words just have the most epic sounds like cellar, squelch, precipice, smooch and slither.

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