Thursday, March 1, 2012

lomo london

I've had a few more lomo films from London developed and actually after doing the "What's in my bag" post I discovered a few more lomo films that I haven't developed yet - (awesome!) Anyway four lomo pics from London town -
Taken in the quirky Soho area near to an ultra modern and slick bar called Zebrano. They serve snazzy drinks and food that makes my mouth water just writing about it. Zebrano bar. That name makes me wanna say it over a few times. Zebrano bar. Zebrano bar. (yeah - i told you!)
Outside The Wandle in Earlsfield.
The Wandle serves delicious Rekorderlig - Strawberry and Lime ciders. 
Possibly the greatest thing that will ever gush down your gullet.
En route to the Tate Modern. Red Double Decker bus. MUST. SNAP. PIC. 
(even though it was raining. and i had no umbrella. gotta GET. THAT. BUS.)

Isn't London just the most gorgeous thing?


Jacci said...

Lovely pics that make me miss London so bad :(
I need a holiday.

Unpublishedlife said...

I do love this city ... great pics and there is a photo opp around every corner - hello Instagram:) said...

OH MY GOSH, strawberry and lime cider??? Thats amazing!

Bailey Schneider said...

Just gorgeous!! Love these photos!
Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

Weezafish said...

Love your pics. Love ol' London Town too!

Warrz said...

More awesome pics as always from you indieBerries. That was a good trip to London :)

Bobby said...

They turned out lovely! Did you use a Diana Mini? What film and ISO was this?