Sunday, March 25, 2012

7 things

7 random things from this week:

  • F1 driver's have such sexy names.
  • I ran a 15km race this morning. Now I'm a cripple for two days.
  • Break-up day at school is still fun, even if you're the teacher. (especially if you're the teacher)
  • Clothing wars are not for the faint-hearted
  • Kids building race-boats can be quite inventive
  • Tea, thunderstorms and good books are the perfect little trio
  • Leaving your sunglasses at home on the sunniest day in history is not ideal


Rooikat said...

I ran a 15km race and now I'm cripple for 2 days - I can relate! But go you!!

Che Strawberries said...

haha... walking down stairs is lol-tastic :)