Monday, November 12, 2012



In my our Wedding Planning, I've been a rather secretive Bride. In fact even my bridesmaids - who know a little more than everyone else, have been threatened with

(don't worry - we get along great and I haven't had to kill anyone yet).

In fact, having been so secretive, I have found myself caught in the epic conundrum of desperately wanting to pin every awesome wedding idea that I come across, with the anxiety of not wanting everyone to know what I'm pinning. I want our wedding guests to walk in and be WOWed with everything that they see - and if I have pinned all the ideas and mashed up a virtual pin board of everything I want - then there will be hardly any surprise left.

Due to this I have (partly) refrained from pinning wedding related stuffs. (Don't get me wrong - I still pin like an internet demon - but I have been pinning mainly "general ideas" and even some ideas which (although still gorgeous) are completely not part of our real wedding vibe, just to throw people off. (Have I taken it a step too far? Probably.)

Much to my epic delight - Pinterest has now introduced "SECRET BOARDS" where you can pin ideas, designs, dreamy things, gorgeous pics, inspiration etc without anyone else seeing it. {Unless they are your future husband and you give them the link - (if they ask nicely)}. I have now been on a completely new realm of pinning our REAL wedding! OLLEH!

You can still follow all my other wedding boards - here - but, those pins are more than likely fake. 




Keri le Roux said...

Hahaha! And there I am telling everyone aaaaaall my plans! :) Or am I......???? ;-)

WeezaFish said...

Oo secrets! Will you make it public after the wedding?