Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Wedding Series


Since getting engaged (6th April 2012) - I have started down the very scary path of wedded warfare. Since I have no sisters and am just about one of the first of my friends to be getting married this is very unknown territory that I have found myself in. Even after reading a zillion blogs/magazines/pamphlets/bridal books/organisers/planners etc you become stuck in a place of "well, I don't really know what to do - I've never done this before!" which is exactly true for all first time marriages. Now, I don't consider myself an "expert" on all things bridal - there are plenty of amazing wedding blogs and magazines to do that for you - but i have read a decent load of wedding-related 'things' along the way so far -
{These pictures do not include all the magazines that I have left in london or all the millions of wedding blogs I have read. I know.}
Have I read all the local publications?
Have I read all the national publications?
Have I read all the international publications?
Have I read them all from cover-to-cover and bookmarked all the things I like (dresses/flowers/cakes/make-up/hairstyles/ideas) 
using handy post-it notes from my Maid of Honour?
Yes I have.
Some may call this behaviour "obsessive" "compulsive" "OTT" or "wildly unnecessary", I call it 

I devour wedding content like it's self-evaporating candy-floss. That top book in the picture that is approximately 600 pages thick? I smashed it in one sitting. {A handy hint  - which I read in one of these magazines/blogs/books, is that you should keep all your wedding magazines and if you are ever asked to be a bridesmaid then it will make a stunning engagement/planning gift to hand over this massive bundle to a new bride. (yes, fashions change but some ideas and styles are timeless)} 

So I've rambled on about wedding things but I really just wanted to introduce this new little "indieBerries' Bridal Series" I'm starting  - just to share some of my experiences, advice and random wedding-related lols and along the way.

 In my wedding adventures so far I have blogged about:
Crafting a card for the Maid of Honour
Sending handmade cards to the Bridesmaids
Sending cards to the flowergirls
The importance of the moodboard
The difficulties of planning a wedding intercontinentally
How to create your wedding budget
My obsession with wedding-stationery and papers
The epic wedding nightmares
The cute things little flowergirls say
and random wedding related lols

Today I would like to talk about the role of the bridesmaid - 
It appears that with so much going on in the wedding-world the role of your loveliest ladies are in fact
Photobucket Photobucket
It is common for a bride or bridesmaid to pack a small bag of 'essential items' for the big day. I have seen this been referred to as "the survival kit", "the bridal bag" and "the oh-shit kit" for anything that may have been forgotten, lost, misplaced or plain stubborn on the day. Here are some of the obvious (and not so obvious) items to include -
Obviously: Dresses, straps, hem-lines, bra straps. basically - don't leave house without your safety pins.
Along with safety pins is a mini sewing kit because you never know who may need to be stitched up.
Another obvious one -  new shoes = blisters as well as injuries from people doing things in a rush.Photobucket
Scissors: useful for cutting price-tags and labels off new clothes and underwear. Also useful for the bride to stab anyone who pisses her off. (joke).Photobucket
A flashlight is useful for looking for any jewelry that may have been dropped in the bridal preparations.The flashlight helps to pick up the sparkle of the jewelry and you will also feel very "CSI" while looking for your precious gems.
Apart from a spare lip-gloss/lipstick for make-up purposes (which will need to be re-applied several times throughout the day) lip-balm is handy for loosening tough zippers. Liquid soap will also help.
Stops ladders in stockings. But you already knew that.

White chalk is useful in getting out small dirty marks that may have crept their way onto your wedding dress. NB: Test a small area of the fabric on the inside before you chalk up your entire dress. I have also heard that Tipp-Ex or white out will do the job too.
If you spot a small oily spot on your dress, you should first kill who-ever was in charge of taking care of it - and then apply a small amount of white talc or baby powder. This helps to absorb the oiliness.Photobucket
Binder clips are useful for a wide variety of emergencies - including hanging on the end of a veil to give it weight to stop it blowing around in your face during your photo session.

Other items which I have seen included in these "emergency kits" include -

  • White plastic bags - to pin to the underside of your dress to protect it if it has been raining. Also useful for tossing in any items lying around. 
  • Bobby Pins
  • Advil or other headache related tablets
  • Tums 
  • Rescue drops 
  • Snacks and Water (nothing that is going to melt, be too crumbly or be generally difficult to eat). If you are drinking something with colourants in make sure you bring a straw so that you don't mess up your make up)
  • Earring Backs
  • Matches or a lighter
  • Tissues
  • Breath mints  - can't be brushing your teeth and ruining your make up.
  • Double sided sticky tape  - keeps things where they should be.
  • Mini hairspray
  • Lint roller
  • Super glue because you never know
And other more "fun" things I have seen included - 
  • Disposable camera - for the bride to have a few shots from her perspective
  • Socks - in case she gets cold feet
  • Shot glass and a little "liquid bravery"
  • Condoms and other "fun items"
  • Some good "getting ready" music
One wedding kit even included "an oversized name card" to pin to the grooms chest so that the bride doesn't say the wrong name at the alter like Princess Diana. lol.

Take a look at this awesome DIY kit pattern.


Unpublishedl said...

A good tip from when I was a bridesmaid earlier this year is if you have a dress with those ridiculously tiny buttons (they look gorgeous but are a bitch to do up and undo) use a crochet needle. Invaluable.

Che Kershaw said...

Awesome tip! :) (writes it down in wedding binder)

Rhianne said...

I'll be honest, I've been a bridesmaid twice lately and both times, I just had tissues, deoderant and safety pins, and I didn't use the safety pins. Pack an emergency bag just in case to leave somewhere by all means, but really, you won't have time to need any of these things, the day just flies by. All I would actually recommend to give to the bridesmaid as a survival kit are those party feet gel things for their shoes...

Amy said...

Talc powder on your legs also prevents sweating :) and don't forget hangers for your dress and your bridesmaid's dresses :)

Che Kershaw said...

haha - yes... i can imagine my bridesmaids trekking down the aisle with survival kit backpacks on - crammed with every imaginable "necessity". champagne and tissues should do the trick i think :)