Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Priorities...

So when I went to Seoul on my important mission - (Greek Visa retrieval) this was the content of my bag:

Sunglasses, CHECK.
Wallet, CHECK.
Camera, CHECK.
Lipgloss, CHECK.
Two different notebooks, one lined, one unlined - (they are different), CHECK.
Pencil, CHECK.
Thick Fine Liner Pen, CHECK.
Cellphone, MISSING.

Conclusion: If strange outer-galactic beings came down from space and surprised me whilst threatening to blow up all of humanity, I would have no possible way of calling for re-inforcement backup. The whole world would die because I left my cellphone at home.

If I had to fight the aliens on my own, at least I could draw the shit out of them.

Double check your bag before you leave the house ;)

1 comment :

Kerry said...

Oh to be in Che's head for a while! I think I would be VERY scared! :)kekeke