Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bloggers Bingo Picnic

 photo bingo18_zps63c5d544.jpg
On Tuesday eve, I was invited to the Costa Bingo bloggers picnic in Hyde Park. Having recently moved to London, it was nice to meet some 'local bloggers' at the event -

It was really well hosted by the fun ladies at Greenlight digital  - not only were there delicious sandwiches and crisps to tuck into  -

 photo bingo16_zps20e93c64.jpg

But yummy "bingo cupcakes" too - 

 photo bingo9_zps0c6eb7e6.jpg
 photo bingo14_zps7ad0e901.jpg

(Before we go further - let's also take a closer look at Georgina's epic nail art) -

 photo bingo8_zps08b364db.jpg

Now let's go back and have a look at Ché's epic nail art

Totes not a beauty blogger.

 photo bingo12_zpse860282b.jpg  photo bingo7_zpsb8810978.jpg

There was also a caricaturist on hand to doodle our faces - 

 photo bingo17_zps57063252.jpg

Pic Left: Me gettin' drawn.
Pic Right: My sketch. Totally me. and LOOK at that cleavage!! Yoh. That Warren, he is one lucky guy.
 photo bingo5_zps0ec26a6a.jpeg

There was a little squirrel who came to the party -

 photo bingo15_zps01ab57c2.jpg
 photo bingo2_zpscd21da4b.jpeg
I fed him some sandwich because - we had all eaten enough for several small armies and there were still boxes left over. (Guess what Warren had for dinner? Yep. Sandwich - smuggled back in my handbag. Thanks Greenlight - husband loved it. And it made a fab change from me serving him popcorn.)

 photo bingo11_zps0d3912d3.jpg

Finally we got down to the bingo business - 

Below: some of the ladies getting their BINGO! on.

 photo bingo10_zps4e33b72c.jpg  photo bingo13_zps6f779cae.jpg  photo bingo19_zpse47579b2.jpg  photo bingo1_zpsb6ad456f.jpeg

Georgina and I won the first game, and I think Joanna won the second.
But whatevs. As soon as you win the first game you stop counting.

 photo bingo6_zpsfbab46b1.jpg

Just before we left we were given some awesome gift bags -
"Keep Calm and Play Bingo"
(am gonna keep this bag for when Husband and I retire to Shady Pines)
Just kidding guys - Bingo isn't just for old people - we had such fun playing!

The goodie bags were filled with retro candies and sweets - 

and let me ask you this, when last did you have a candy-treat necklace or bracelet?
Probably when you were about 5.


Last night - 

Thanks so much for inviting me to this event! Had a really fun (and delicious) evening and it was so good to meet up with some new London Bloggers!


Ps. Most of these pics are mine, one or two were snapped by Greenlight media.


Caley said...

Looks like good fun! I am a big Bingo fan - we play in the Berg every holiday and that feeling when you beat all 200 little kids for their R10... #priceless

Kathy said...

oh - that looks delicious - very good idea! have to do that with my girls too! right now I just play online bingo at <a href="„>Great British Bingo</a> :) really good as well