Sunday, August 7, 2011

7 things

7 things that made me happy this week:
  1. A bunch of good Jillian Michaels workouts and some hardcore treadmill sessions. Aint nothing like exercise to get those endorphines flowing.
  2. Completing a very complicated 500 piece puzzle in one go. Even if it took us until 2am. 
  3. Popcorn and movie nights with friends.

  4. Photobucket
  5. Spinach, fried garlic and bacon salad from Mad for Garlic. Wow. delicious in my belly.
  6. Getting my washing machine FIXED! olleh!! Clean clothes for all!
  7. Solving and sharing riddles shared with friends:
    "You are one of 20 prisoners. The King has come and has ordered all the prisoners to die in the morning. In the morning, all the prisoners will line up and the King will place either a red hat or a black hat on each prisoners head. Each prisoner will then be asked what colour their hat is. If they guess correctly - they will be saved. If they guess incorrectly they will be put to death. Person number 20 at the back of the line- who can see ALL the prisoners hats in front of him will start and answer either "Black" or "Red". Followed by number 19 who can see all 18 hats in front of him. The prisoners may not communicate or touch each other in any way and if any prisoner answers anything other than "RED" or "BLACK" they will all be killed. The night before they are allowed to communicate freely. How can you save as many prisoners as possible?"

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