Friday, August 5, 2011


Teaching in Korea is fun. and it has its fair share of special moments:

Me to seven year old Korean student: What's your name?
Seven year old Korean student: .......(blank stare).....
Me: What's. your. name?
Student: mmm. what?
Me: What. is. your. name? your. NAME?
Student: SEVEN!
Me: (what. you're related to the Beckhams?) no. no. what is your name?
Student: SEVEN!
Me: No, what is your NAME? NAME.
Student: I. Am. SEVEN.
Me: No, your NAME. My NAME is Che... what is your name?
Student: I am SEVEN.

Me (realising this is not working decides to change question): ok.. ok... How old are you?
Student: I am Kim Jeung-Lee.

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