Sunday, August 21, 2011

7 things

7 things I've learnt this week:
  1. In life there are small decisions and there are big decisions. Just because something is a big decision it doesn't necessarily mean it should be a difficult decision.
  2. Wine is infinitely more delicious when enjoyed with good company and great chocolate.
  3. Incessant mold plus insane humidity is. a. biaatch.
  4. Sometimes you need a good friend. And sometimes you need four.
  5. Law of Murphy: if you paint your toenails or go for a pedicure, someone will stand on your foot.
  6. Often it is difficult to stay alive in a live band show given the marsh-pit mentality. oh the irony.
  7. Sometimes you need to be super organised and sometimes you need to just go with the flow.

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