Friday, August 19, 2011

sushi winning

To announce the winner of the Groupon Sushi Voucher Giveaway :

I have however decided that cornflakes on your sushi is actually rather grand.
That way, if you ever miss breakfast - you can just smash some sushi and get two meals done in one. I love how good Korea is at time management.

So... Since there were two people who guessed CHEESE as one of the unique ingredients - I have decided to award the sushi voucher to Jade Wall who guessed CHEESE and HAM.

This is because Korea's "NORMAL" take on sushi includes HAM.
Sometimes it also includes cheese and beef.
but mainly...

You can watch the making of it in action here:
If you would like to see how to make Kimbap, watch the whole thing.
If you would like a little chuckle... watch from 4:00 minutes.

Congrats to Jade, I will be in touch for your sushi voucher :)

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