Thursday, December 20, 2012

Baby Birds

I read a whole host of different blogs - some are crafty DIYish, some are personal life story-types, some  are wedding related, some are cartoony, some are tutorial-esque, a few are fashion-y and then there are a few of them that are... ahem.. filled with babies. In my "baby-blog-trawling" I came across this adorable video from Bleubird Vintage - 

I know.

You can also follow some local baby-mammas, some local-international baby mammas and some international expecting baby-mammas.

Now, I'm not broody - but I may or may not have downloaded the 50 000 baby names app and started bookmarking my favourites -  Just... you know, for one day in the (far) future. 




Keri le Roux said...

You are SO broody. And now so am I. I wan' one!!!

vanessa said...

so cute hey- there's also a video of her from Thanksgiving on BlueBird :)

Anonymous said...

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