Thursday, February 14, 2013

{Eat here} Bubbledogs

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No. There is not much that is better than a hot dog.

Remember those squirmy pink vienna sausages that you used to have as a kid?
Wrapped in a soft white bun, smothered in tomato-sauce and mustard (because what is more grown-up than mustard?) eaten around the pool in the summer sunshine (because your feet were too wet from swimming to go inside?). 



Hot Dogs and Champagne.

Have. YOU. EVER?

This is the greatest concept since sliced buns started adopting sausages.

introducing - 


The Man, le Moi, The Maid of Honour.


The Maid of Honour, The Fab Housemate, The Man.
They are all very cold and slightly wet - can you tell?

Ok. So the concept is so simple that you will want to cry that you didn't think of it yourself: A small exclusive restaurant serving only hot dogs and champagne. Last Friday, The Man, The Maid of Honour, The Fab Housemate and le moi decided to test out Bubbledogs. These two pics of us above are from the hour plus we spent waiting outside to get in. That's right people - we waited over an hour in the London freeze to get into this little restaurant. (Yes, we should have made a booking - and yes we tried to make a booking - but all their bookings were full and we were determined, so we waited).

(On a side note: In a pure stroke of genius, I have decided to set up a little hot dog stand on the street corner right outside this restaurant: serving the masses of people who are waiting to get in {and very hungry for hot dogs and something delicious to drink}. And there really are masses waiting to get in. It's a foolproof plan really).

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So then we got in and it was well worth the wait.

There are a number of different hot dogs that you can order- each with their own unique toppings. 
Some of the toppings included wasabi-mayo, caramelised onions, coleslaw, kimchi, avocado, bacon and sauerkraut. 


You can choose your "dog" from a choice of beef, pork or veggie. Even the veggie in our group was happy and they even gave her two veggie sausages (pic right) - I guess it's a "we're-so-sorry-that-you're-a-vegetarian" kind of thing. Also (pic left) I had to take my ring of and strategically place it on the Tomato bottle - because my hot dog was so saucy and juicy that it was running all over my hands. Ain't nobody wants hot-dog juice in their bling.

Then we had a discussion how everyone at the table had a shiny white iPhone except Che who is the iPhone black sheep. Above is the face of iPhone Envy. But it's ok, because I ordered the Best Hot Dog:
(It's the Fourth of July Hot Dog - in case any one was wondering -
and i added caramelised onions.
-  do it.)

And the bill comes in a book which all the patrons can sign and leave their comments.


Yay for kid food and adult juice!
Dining for the WIN.

PS. Happy Valentines Day ya'll - For The Warr and I, it's our very first Valentines as a couple!
I hope you all get smooched in the face.


Keri le Roux said...

Yes yes yes! We are so going!!!!! I am starving like only a bride two days before her wedding can starve! Yum!!!!! said...

Now I'm really hungry and want haa-daags too. Thanks.

Ps. Happy Valentines Day lovebirds x

Che Kershaw said...

and Aren't you excited for when you can introduce your baby girl to the wonder of the Haaaawt Dawg?!? Happy Valentines! xo

Unpublished Life said...

I'm on it ... love me a good hotdog!!

Saskia Sidey said...

You should definitely check out my blog post, where i've re-created the bubble dog experience at home - perfect for a dinner party!

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