Friday, February 22, 2013

London for Lovers

The Warr has been living in London for close on 7 years now - and I would say that the "novelty" of living in one of the world's coolest capitals has long worn off. As for me, whenever I come over I'm in a perpetual state of "WOW! AWESOME!! We're going on one of those RED BUSES!! OOOH!! We're going to sit UPSTAIRS!! ON THE DOUBLE DECKER! woohooo! FUN!!" And Warren has to usher me to the back of the bus under his coat - to stop the locals from staring at me.

As of yet - we have no hard and fast plans for after our wedding (6 April 2013!) But we will be in London for [some] time once we are married. {I know how these things go though - you think, hey, I'll just spend a year in South Korea and then 3 and a half years later you're considering going for citizenship - anyway I digress}.

In the next few coming months and years as a newly married couple - I want to explore London as tourists, together. There are a bajillion cool places and secret cafes that we have yet to discover and I can't wait to unearth them all. For Valentines Day this year, I bought Warren a book from Urban Outfitters (definitely one of the coolest shops on the block) titled "London for Lovers".

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This book is an awesome mix of quirky, fun and interesting places to see, eat, discover and explore within London. The book is divided into different categories such as "Late Night London", "Live London" and "Learned London"and it includes things like cool graffiti spots in the city, interesting and obscure museums and art galleries, different boutique shops, niche restaurants, unexplored parks and off the map coffee shops. I was also partly drawn to the awesome graphics, typography and layout of this book - that elephant pic! Did somebody say tattoo?! 


(Just kidding mom. 
Sort of).

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What I love about it is that of all the usual places is mentions that you are sure to have already tried and tested - (Nottinghill, Brick Lane, Shoreditch etc) it gives you the names of unique restaurants to try or the name of an awesome little shop that is maybe tucked around the corner that nobody really ventures to.

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I made The Warr a Valentines day card ahem,
{I love you so much I want to squeeze you 'til your eyeballs pop out}

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Then I tied it to the book with some purple twine - which really does make it look like the eyeballs are being squeezed out. 

At least,
that's what I think.

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