Sunday, February 17, 2013



7 Random things to think about

  1. Under all advanced city centres there is an entire network of people, commuters, buskers, cafes and coffee shops all bustling under your feet.
  2. What if it was as hipster to wear hearing aids as it was to wear glasses.
  3. How many Friday night conversations in South Africa started with "Yoh, this Oscar story hey..."
  4. All the reasons other than functionality that we eat for. Boredom, celebration, taste, excitement, nerves, socially, experience.
  5. Change rooms that have no bench or chair or table for you to put your stuff on. What is up with that?
  6. Pho is one of the most delicious dishes that basically improves and changes taste as you go along.
  7. Fancy cosmetic shops which don't display the prices of their products up front make it much more difficult for you not to make a purchase especially after you have enquired about the price. Do you find that too?
Happy Sunday ya'll

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