Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Stories


They say that getting married is one of the biggest events in your life. They also say that a milestone birthday such as, oh say, a 30th is a pretty big event in your life. And they also say that not only is moving house one of the biggest events in your life - but it is also right up there as one of the top thirty biggest life stressors. Now, let's say you were us and you were dealing with all three of these in the same week. 


I exaggerate. They aren't all exactly happening in the same week - but as it stands:

The lovely Man celebrates his 30th birthday tomorrow - and we have spent the whole of last week planning epic birthday parties and things to do with his family who arrived last Monday to celebrate.

I am leaving London on Wednesday to head back to South Africa for one final month before THE BIG DAY - so there is plenty of "wedding-related" stuff that The Warr and I need to sort out while we are still on the same continent. (ie: Seating plans, order of reception proceedings, church programs, trying on wedding bands and have you ever tried to practice your first wedding dance via skype? No, that won't work). It's all been a bit of a mad-rush fiasco.

A few weeks after I leave, Warren will be moving house - where to yet - we have no idea. We like to live on the edge like that. Being a bit of a junk collector crafter, I have accumulated a fair amount of "treasures" which Warren will have to transport to our new home (which, might I add, is currently under the local bridge). In order to make the move easier for him when I am gone, we have been trying to pack up all our "things" this week - which of course is generally a nightmare.

So Basically, I wasn't lying - everything is happening all in the same week
and there you have it - how to achieve life meltdown in three easy steps.

Give it a bash and then let me know what tranquilisers you have found most effective.


Camz said...

Totally impressed that u managing to still blog....hang in there cam

Che Kershaw said...

eeek! thank you! i hope so!! :)

Che Kershaw said...

thank you - im not sure how im managing to hang in there either!! haha