Tuesday, May 28, 2013

{Wedding Cartoon} DO NOT DO THIS.

 photo ourwedding_zps0d13643a.jpg
Right after our beautiful church wedding service - (the deal sealer) - the husband and I were on such a lovely loved-up-high while we mingled with our guests and had a few of our bridal party shots and especially during our couple shoot, that we weren't really listening to, or hearing or seeing anything else that was going on, other than each other - 

 photo chorrie1_zpsba8c842a.jpg

not really seeing anything else, not really paying attention to anything else - 

 photo chorrie12_zps8ff1478b.jpg

So when my parents asked which car they should take, so as not to leave any cars behind - (since the wedding reception was approx a 20 min drive from our ceremony venue, Michaelhouse.)

 photo chorrie15_zpsbcb3d8b2.jpg  photo chorrie3_zps0d205b9c.jpg

We didn't really hear them.
We weren't really paying attention to them.
and we didn't really get what they were asking.

 photo chorrie4_zps1b496213.jpg

So after our couple shoot and the time finally came to leave Michaelhouse 
to head to our reception venue: photo chorrie7_zps6d0fc281.jpg  photo chorrie8_zpsaaa9292d.jpg 
And at that exact instant:

my mother and father - about 15 minutes drive away,
in our only remaining bridal car

 photo chorrie13_zps7acfad9b.jpg  photo chorrie14_zps093675bc.jpg 
they realised.

 photo chorrie9_zps4ebaacb2.jpg  photo chorrie10_zpscbd21bc0.jpg

Thanks for the lift Wes and Marcelle - 

We totes would have missed our own wedding without you.
I doubt any one would even have noticed.

* * * * * 

That pic is one of Wesley's sneak peak shots - 
{I semi-butchered it by adding hearts - but ya know,
It had to match our cartoon selves.}

Can't wait to see the rest!


Keri le Roux said...

Haha! I remember this! And you guys driving last the bier fassel! Too funny! :) miss you X

Keri le Roux said...

Past not last

Keri le Roux said...

Haha also LOVE your mom and dad in the car - could totally see them aying that ;)

Gaici He said...

It is appreciated for sacrificing long time making this excellent post:).The "church wedding" is really in my style. hope to learn more from you!

GeeGee said...

Oh nooooo that would have not been a good phone call to make! Rather glad we're all in one place for 2 days..one fewer thing to add to the list. Glad you got there!

Dee said...

This is so funny! Made my day. :D

Anonymous said...

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