Sunday, October 13, 2013

7 Things Sunday

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7 Things from the week that passed:
  1. Arrived back in SA for a holiday with the fam (and to sort out UK visa admin - after this trip home I will be entering the UK on a spousal visa)
  2. Watched the "Now you see me" movie on the plane flight over - you should watch it, it's good. (I almost tapped the person next to me to tell him to tune in - so that I could have someone to watch it with me. Eventually decided I didn't want to be that gal, so I watched it alone and had post movie analysis conversation with myself, in my head.)
  3. Went shopping with my mom, bought nothing. What is wrong with me?
  4. Had a breakfast date with Keri and Andrea and met the cutest little baby
  5. Had a sushi-take-away feast with the folks in the lounge :)
  6. Took a weekend trip with the folks up to the little brother's new bachelor pad and had a family weekend trip to Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Game Reserve.
  7. Have been missing the husband who is currently in Botswana on a fishing trip with his dad. He is in a very remote area: no signal, no internet and no wifi in general. It's like he did it on purpose.
    (He told me before he left that Prince Harry actually visits the same fishing boat that he and his dad go on - because you can really just "get away from it all". They henceforth name the boat-toilet the "royal throne". Husband's bum has been on the same toilet as Prince Harry's bum! You GUYS!! That is something!)

7 "business-y/blog" related things from the week that passed:
  1. Did my first "main sponsor" solo cartoon post for this month's sponsor - Midlands Musings.
  2. Signed up for my first market - which will take place in November in London! EEk!
  3. Related: I am in the process of sending off for my first (BIG) batch of "doodle books" to print - more to follow.
  4. Have had a few more "designer/creative" ideas which I hope to get ready before the market! I will be sharing more of them as I get them finished and ready to go!
  5. Have been chatting to the new indieBerries web-coder, still a little way to go but hopefully will be launching on the new site soon- can't wait to show you all the MAGIC!
  6. The wedding guest books that I designed for our wedding were featured on Southbound Bride this week - go have a look!
  7. Have really been enjoying having sponsors on indieBerries - it's been awesome getting to know some new blogs that are lurking about in the internet!
  8. One more week to sign up for The Photo Hunt! So excited and we've had such a good turn out! It's going to be such fun! Go grab your ticket here!

OK, that's 8.

Whatever, I blame the jetlag.


A Daft Scots Lass said...

Enjoy being back "HOME"

Dee said...

I loved Now You See Me! If you wanna talk about it, email me! (I also wanna talk about it actually but my friends are not into overanalyzing movies.)

Lol at the royal throne. That is something indeed!

Che Kershaw said...

haha OF COURSE he is having the best time ever!!
(he actually flew back to london last night - so he is very miserable! haha)
have you been in Fulham long? x