Monday, October 28, 2013

[Review] Tasty treats from Madame Macaron!

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A few weeks ago (back when I was in SA), we organised a little bloggers lunch up in the Midlands with Keri, Lauren & Jane. We had a fab afternoon of bloggy-chatting, food-noshing and wine-smashing (some of us more than others, ahem) haha. Jane organised us some delicious treats from Madame Macaron - because which blogger does NOT love a Macaron? I immediately approved of the washi-taped boxes and attention to detail presentation - how cute do they look?!

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Madame Macaron has perfected a kind of "macaron-cake pop" and she's got the most incredible combination of flavours! Take "milo and peanut butter" for example - YUM!

 photo macaron5_zpsf14d0312.jpg  photo macaron7_zps6e48060f.jpg  photo macaron4_zps297f922a.jpg
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The absolute treat of the lot is the "smackaron" which is basically a little goo-pile of indulgent red velvety macaron goodness with a cream-cheesy filling and covered in a lashing of chocolate. I mean, have you ever? Madame Macaron is launching a new taster-box, which you can sign up to and receive a little box of tasty treats to sample! I'd say that's a great excuse for a tea party... and if you desperately HATE the macarons (you won't) - I have figured out some alternative uses for them - so either way - you should just order yo' self some:

 photo macaron6_zps457c5536.jpg

Thanks for the treats Madame Macaron - they were well received! x


Jane Kilian said...

Ahem, i like your little wine chirp ;) I had to be responsible driving home and all... Not really. Haha! The coffee was delish. And the smackarons even more delish! You have made me crave all over again! At least Warren can taste them next time you are here and understand the obsession :) xxx

Keri Bainborough said...

The Smackarons are my FAV! I could live on those bad boys! Thanks Madame Macaron :)

Kasha Dubaniewicz said...

This looks delicious! I have a serious problem when it comes to all things sweet :)

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