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Introducing: Awesome Sponsors!

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I'm so excited to introduce you to this month's sponsors! Not only because it's my very first month of opening indieBerries up to sponsorship, (which I'm super excited about) but because all of these people are genuinely very awesome and two of them I know and are friends of mine in actual, real-life-beyond internet! (I know, life-beyond-internet, what is that even?) 
This is a lovely meaty post and I can't wait to introduce you to everyone: so grab your cuppa and get scrollin'!
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Keri - owner of Midlands Musings, is my main sponsor this month - which means you can look forward to a cartoon post featuring her later this month. (YAY!) I have already started mocking it up and it's hilarious - if I do say so myself. I am (very) fortunate to know Keri outside of the internet world - and she is honestly one of the most genuine people you will find. But you will hear more about all-of-that-shizz in the coming post. For now let's talk Midlands Musings:

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What I love about Keri's blog is her fresh and honest attitude to blogging. She writes with intent and from the heart. Her blog is filled with scenes from her Midlands farm-life and is overflowing with the most beautiful lessons in gratitude. (Trust me, it's not so easy to list the farm-life things you're thankful for when you have no running water.)

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Keri is a writer. It shows in her poetic selection of words and phrases, which sometimes you just have to go back and read again. Her passion is the written word and she injects it with a good dose of humour. I have loads more to say about this talented soul - but there's more to come soon - so look out for it in her solo post!

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Two of my favourite posts from Midlands Musings are "The One with the Twitter Identity Crisis" and "The One about Never Being a Hippy" (hair-frizz FTW).


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Lulu from Berry Diaries, is another of this month's sponsors who I am lucky enough to know in real life. Lulu and I were actually at the same high school in South Africa - but never really knew each-other. We have since (re)connected in London via the internet and I'm so grateful that we did! A little while ago I wrote this blog post about feeling incredibly inspired after chatting to a friend - and that friend was Lulu. Lulu was actually the one who gave me the nudge I needed to open up sponsorship on indieBerries - so high-five to that and a massive thank you to her! {insert hearts} She has booked a three month sponsorship package - so you will be seeing a lot of her around here! (But this is a good post to start!)

  photo lulu2_zps19b994bb.jpg
Lulu started her blog after she was diagnosed with Melanoma Cancer as a way to document her quest for wellness, balance and a healthy, happy life (hint: it involves Blueberries.) Over time she has slowly started sharing more of her personal life on her blog and I love how she describes the dilemma of what to share online.

  photo lulu4_zps83236a87.jpg

Lulu is currently doing a yoga teacher training course and she truly lives what she learns. Many of her posts are introspective, extremely encouraging and motivational or downright fascinating - (magical crystal powers?!... what the whaaat?)

 photo lulu3_zps1dd3df42.jpg

Apart from all her inspirational "self-nourishing" posts that you can really get your teeth stuck into - you can also get your teeth stuck into some of her delicious recipes. (Am patiently waiting for her to cook me something extravagant, ahem).


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What I love about the internet (apart from everything) is that you can make international friends without ever having to worry about being geographically confined. You can get totally invested in the lives of people of different cultures and tradition from your own. It's basically like a free dose of travel-bug, minus the expensive flights and 12 hours of neck-cramp.

When Dee first signed up to sponsor indieBerries - I was so happy to have this lovely Filipino on the blog - because so many of her posts remind me of my three and a half years spent in Asia! Snooping around her blog makes me reminisce about all the awesomeness of Asia.

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Dee has such a friendly writing style and if you click her about page - you will really feel like you're sitting having a coffee and fat-chat with an old friend - and basically - anyone who compares their hair to Hermione Granger is a friend of mine!

 photo dee3_zps40172e04.jpg
Some of my fave (and funniest) posts on Dee's Blog - is The One with The Mysterious Duhat Fruit and The One with The Change Room - have had a similar experience myself - so I can totally relate. haha

 photo dee5_zpsa98c92df.jpg


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Ellie Love is the blog run by the Durban-beauty Caley Rosenberg: wife, mommy and party-planner extraordinaire. Her blog posts are filled with real-life stories, a big mix of interesting guest-posts, fun question-lists and a few newly-wed games! (Guess what you'll be doing tonight, Husband darling)

 photo ellie5_zps2c636463.jpg

Basically if Caley's snapshots of her little princess and her Main Man don't make you want to rush out and cancel all your birth-control, then - you need to get your ovaries checked. (This kisses for Mama picture?! too much. *dies*)

 photo ellie4_zps2ba35369.jpg

As you may already know, I'm a huge fan of a good love story and Caley shares the love story of her and her husband Marc as well as a few tips of how to survive long-distance dating (oh, girl - I hear ya!)

 photo ellie6_zps2c46dc4e.jpg

Some of my favourite posts on Ellie Love are the Take It Back Tuesday features - because who doesn't love a good reminiscing-session? (Actually when I came upon this blog post of Caley's I said to The Husband: "Oh wow! Full House!" To my complete shock - he had NO idea what I was talking about... however.... he seems to know exactly who "The Olsen Twins" are. In.teresting.)


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Sarah Libros is the American blogger behind The Midnight Rambler - having moved across the pond from the USA to England - she documents her life here (with the occasional post of awesome things to do in London)   Her blog reminds me of what blogging is at it's very core - an online journal and diary of life.

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I love that Sarah is so honest and ballsy in her blogposts: that she isn't afraid to share her journey of living medicated or her frustration of dealing with ADD in her academic life. After you read these blog posts, you will automatically want to click more to delve deeper into the beautiful fragments of her life.

 photo midnight4_zps653b2fc7.jpg

Some of my favourite posts on The Midnight Rambler is of her documenting her time in India - doing an outdoor leadership course - when she nearly left the program - but decided to persevere. (also: The One with the Naked Bikers)

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I love that her wordy posts are sprinkled with single image posts, or a beautiful quote or tiny snippets of emotion frozen in time. It really is beautiful and thoughtful writing.


Thank you so much for sponsoring indieBerries this month - 
am so happy to have had you all as my very first round of indieBerries sponsors!

If you'd like to sponsor indieBerries in October -
You can click here for details.


Dee said...

This is berrie awesome! (See what I did there?)
I love how you described me and the posts you chose to highlight! :) said...

Divine sponsors friend - well done Lulu for nudging you into it - fantastic way for your readers to connect with new bloggers too :)

Sarah Libros said...

hahah I love a good pun!

Lee-Ann Lipman said...

Che I'm loving this, finding so many new international blogs to read!

Che Kershaw said...

yay for new blogs to read! x

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha YOU GUYS!! lol

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha hilar :) glad you liked the post!

Rhianne said...


Gaelyn Cokayne said...

Loved this - always nice being referred to new blogs by someone who's blog you already follow. And your descriptions of them made me super excited to read them!!

Keri Bainborough said...

Thanks my darling :) Huge apologies to anyone trying to read my blog at the moment - under some construction for the weekend! Bad timing, I know, but it had to be done :) Thanks again Chetjie X

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