Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Exciting New Project launch! Introducing...

I want to talk about Blogger Meet-ups for a second here. I recently blogged a cartoon about The Anatomy of a Blogger's Meet Up - because let's face it, Blogger Meet-ups can often be painfully awkward. You're about to walk into a room and introduce yourself to a bunch of strangers who technically you already know.

 photo meetup1_zps0c3945db.jpg  photo meetup2_zps3a93e882.jpg  photo meetup3_zps27d5daae.jpg  photo meetup4_zps3ee1311b.jpg  photo meetup5_zps45083e5e.jpg  photo meetup6_zpsb659ee4c.jpg  photo meetup7_zps966610fd.jpg
When someone has put their life out-there on the internet - what exactly is the "socially acceptable" amount of information for you to "know" when you actually meet them in person, versus the amount of information that you should pretend to "not-know" in order to not appear like a full-blown stalker?

I digress.

The main thing is - it can be intimidating arriving at a Blogger Meet-up and walking into a room of strangers. {Side Note: Do not be fooled - if you end up going to the same blogger meet-ups, hosted by the same crowd of people, with the same social circles - that is not a Blogger Meet Up. That is dinner with your friends -coincidentally, they may run a blog.}

So here's the thing: people need a reason to engage with others. Bloggers by nature are sharers -they put their lives, words, thoughts, pictures and poetry out on the internet because they want to share. But if you put them all together in a room it can be a smidgeon awkward to approach the person standing next to you in the flesh. (eg: maybe I can just tweet her?) But if you had a reason to walk over and engage "Oh hey, you dropped this!" BOOM: Ice. broken.

So we have been thinking for a little while about a type of Bloggers Meet Up that would encourage interaction with a purpose. An actual (fun) reason for Bloggers to engage, chat and connect. With a little good ol' fashioned TEAM SPIRIT thrown in for good measure. What kind of event could we create that encourages genuine interaction in an awesome, fun and creative environment....


 photo meetup11_zpsd6697d00.jpg
 photo meetup12_zps56f8d836.jpg

we had to ask ourselves...

 photo meetup9b_zpsc506b7fe.jpg

  photo meetup10_zps75ce3f79.jpg  photo meetup8_zps7758bee7.jpg
So... an interactive, engaging and fun event.. with a good dose of picture snapping....

And then hatched the perfect solution!

  photo meetup13_zps8fe9db51.jpg  photo meetup14_zpsbbc1d422.jpg

The Photo Hunt is a new networking event aimed at creating genuine connections between bloggers, photographers, creatives (and anyone else looking to snap a few pics)! When the goal of the day is not superficially-throwing business cards at each other but rather: working together, combining your creative forces, ticking off your picture-snapping task list, racking up adventure points and RA-RAing your team spirit (team outfits optional encouraged) - it creates a fun, engaging and dynamic environment where real and legit interaction can take place.

(The event is loosely based on The Photo Scavenger Hunt I did in South Korea - and it was an unbelievable amount of fun!)

But don't take my word for it - sign up via The Website and see for yourself!

And if the idea of a fun-picture-snapping-friend-making day isn't enough to get you to sign up -
we have some awesome prizes in the pipe-line too!


Our first event is Saturday October 26 in Shoreditch, 10am

We look forward to seeing you there!

For news and info on upcoming events you can follow The Photo Hunt here:

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or check out the website for more info:

The Photo Hunt is brought to you by
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Lulu, Bobbi & Ché


PS. I will be introducing you to my awesome sponsors first thing tomorrow- so excited!
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Dee said...

This looks like fun! If I were in London I'd totally participate! Awesome idea Che!

Johlet said...

ahhhh sounds like so much fun! dammit why am I not in London!

Setarra said...

Oh man! I'm so jealous! I wish I lived in London so I could participate in this. Meet Ups in the name of photography are always the most fun. Great Idea :)

Che Kershaw said...

Hopefully we will add some international Photo Hunts soon! #worlddomination :)

Che Kershaw said...

Ah sad you'll be missing it! But hopefully we can add some international events soon too! :)

Keri Bainborough said...

:) Love it! X Also wish I lived in London :)

Che Kershaw said...

Next one coming to a Midlands near you!

Keri Bainborough said...

Ah yes, let's plot this over a glass of wine! I am so keen! :)

Sohini said...

Looks like such fun, unfortnatley I don't live in London. Enjoy!
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Sarah Libros said...

Ah this is exciting. I have been thinking that it would be fantastic to go to a blogger meet up, although I'm not much of a photographer yet, have been waiting until I can afford a nice camera! I'll probably end up grabbing a ticket anyway :) said...

Looks AMAZING guys, well done - look forward to seeing/hearing more about it! x

Abby said...

What an excellent idea!

xoxo One Stiletto At a Time fashion and beauty blog