Sunday, October 27, 2013

7 things Sunday

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7 Things I'm grateful for this week:

  1. A fabulous turn out and very positive response for our very first Photo Hunt event!
  2. Meeting new like-minded and inspiring individuals.
  3. A list of fabulous new blogs to follow, following from the photo hunt.
  4. The clocks turning back today - basically I just scored an extra hour.
  5. Delicious chocolatey donuts and a mug of boiling hot chocolate. Ok, I'm joking, I don't really have either of those... but I am hoping that husband (who is sleeping on the couch) will wake up, read this very soon and HOOK A SISTA UP. *nudge.
  6. I'm really enjoying all the autumn-ish colours that are around these days in London.
  7. Lots of exciting new projects, events and opportunities that are all just starting to take shape! 
What have you been grateful for this week?


VeraLou said...

My sister had my old phone from years ago in a drawer, so when mine was obliterated, I had a backup. I don't know how someone could participate in today's society without a cell phone.

Che Kershaw said...

haha bless modern (...and old) technology! :)

Emma said...

I've been reading Lulu's blog for a while, and so glad that I found out about yesterday.

You guys did such an amazing job, and I can't wait for the next one!

I will now be stalking through the rest of your blog as your drawings/cartoons look like they'll be so much fun to read.

Hmm maybe...

Che Kershaw said...

yay! thank you so much for coming! am off to stalk your blog now too! yay for meeting new inspiring people and having a whack of new blogs to read! x

Charlotte Blackett said...

Did you get your donuts and hot choc? Sounds like the perfect autumn evening xxx

Wonderland Clothing said...

Glad photohunt went well!

Che Kershaw said...

haha you will never believe - we searched FIVE shops and still did not find the donuts! (but I did get my hot choco in the end!) x

Che Kershaw said...

thank you! it was such a good time! :)