Monday, December 16, 2013

CARTOON: The Crafty Fox Market

Two weekends ago, I attended the Nuffnang Workshop - on blogging and small creative business owning - which was so awesome and inspiring! After the workshop, we headed down to the Crafty Fox market to have a look at all the Christmas goodies. Let me just say, that it is a market FULL of beautiful, creative wares from a crowd of unbelievably talented people. My mind was literally blown and every single inch of the trendy art/pub space was filled with awesomeness. I am DEF keen to get involved and get a stand for my "artsy-stuffs" at their next markets! Anyway. The husband and I had agreed to have a "date night" at Winter Wonderland after the workshop was finished and he was phoning me (while I was in the middle of the Crafty Fox market) to find out where to meet me...

 photo craftyfox1_zps17acf92a.jpg  photo craftyfox2b_zps37eb8017.jpg  photo craftyfox2_zpsca50de9e.jpg  photo craftyfox5_zpse44fe2d3.jpg  photo craftyfox4_zps352ac717.jpg
Warren: To meet at Waterloo? Is that cool? photo craftyfox3_zps7d58a304.jpg
Husband: Ok. so... hello?
Me: whoooo... it's so pretty!
Husband: Can you hear me?
Me: Everything! It's SO LOVELY!
Husband: Hey... so... what are we doing?
Me: wow... it's so... everything! Everything... wow!
Husband: I need to know where to meet you, I won't have signal soon underground
 photo craftyfox6_zps7736d0d8.jpg  photo craftyfox8_zpsf51d2094.jpg  photo craftyfox9_zps158685a1.jpg
At one point, I even tried walking OUT of the market into the street to be able to actually engage with husband on the phone, but it was a futile effort and within 37 seconds I was mysteriously back inside the market next to ALL. THE. PRETTY. THINGS. How did that happen?!?

 photo craftyfox10_zpsfd819299.jpg  photo craftyfox11_zps73319550.jpg  photo craftyfox12_zps79160020.jpg  photo craftyfox14_zps581d12e6.jpg

Husband: For Christmas, I would like you to tell me where to meet you before I have to go underground.
Me: No. Be serious! I am surrounded by beautiful things and I need to buy you something.
Husband: Ok fine, buy me something beautiful - something I can use.
Me: Ok! Got it!*

* and I did find the "perfect beautiful, practical gift for him!

The husband eventually got it out of me that we should meet at Waterloo (unfortunately I got sucked into all the pretty things and chatting to Tom, Lulu and Elizabeth - so he ended up phoning me from Waterloo - asking where I was, when I actually hadn't moved more than 2 metres, haha - sorry Warr). (Tom has also written an awesome review on the market - so go check out his blog!)

Eventually husband and I met up for our date night:

  photo craftyfox16_zps90bc7087.jpg  photo craftyfox17_zps1682375d.jpg  photo craftyfox18_zpsa724c073.jpg  photo craftyfox19_zpse3b01c9c.jpg
Husband: Why did you tell me?
Me: I don't know - I just couldn't take the suspense ANY longer! I know. I ruined the surprise. Anyway - LOOK! it's so beautiful! And it has cork to stick your things on! WOW!! hey!! WOWW!!!!

 photo craftyfox26_zps2b20b517.jpg  photo craftyfox27_zps736abbfa.jpg

(Go check out this store! I LOVE their stuff!)

After I had whipped out the beautiful calendar from my bag, I struggled to get it back in -

 photo craftyfox20_zps546c5a6a.jpg  photo craftyfox21_zpsfd7f916b.jpg  photo craftyfox22_zpsd6630714.jpg  photo craftyfox23_zps0cd33010.jpg  photo craftyfox24_zpse190d1a1.jpg

And so began our date night.

I absolutely loved the Crafty Fox market and I am super keen to get involved at their next markets - probably in the Spring! Excitement! Look out for my next post on a few of the other goodies I bought at the market and my take on the "importance of supporting handmade"

The baby brother arrived in London yesterday and the husband is taking a few days off work this week - happy girl! x


Wonderland Clothing said...

Have a wonderful week!

Kris said...

Haha- sounds like the kind of conversation I would have with my boy- pretty things can be soooooo distracting. Also- good to know I am not the only one who is terrible at keeping surprises! All the excitement is just too much for me to contain!