Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Well hello there!

 photo bird1_zps368a32a5.jpg  photo bird2_zpsa0340443.jpg  photo bird3_zps57db6230.jpg  photo bird4_zps8a818545.jpg

 photo bird5_zps386e3500.jpg  photo bird6_zps2284c899.jpg  photo bird7_zpsb25ab99b.jpg  photo bird8_zps9c2252ec.jpg  photo bird9_zpsadbed9a6.jpg  photo bird10_zpse58a1df8.jpg  photo bird11_zps713109cc.jpg
 photo bird11b_zpse89a995d.jpg
 photo bird12b_zps6840c224.jpg photo bird13_zps7772fdbc.jpg  photo bird14_zps0dba274f.jpg

"stop looking at my feet. You're making me shy."

 photo bird15_zpsb0af460a.jpg
.....I'm really good at fishing.
And building nests. And look at my colourful feathers of turquoise brilliance!....
 photo bird16_zps78872acc.jpg  photo bird17_zps9aa62d20.jpg  photo bird18_zps84a46bed.jpg
 photo bird19_zps243ae5bd.jpg 
 photo bird21_zps4294039d.jpg
*blink blink*

 photo bird22_zps9ba8dc17.jpg
"Well that's not very fancy."

 photo bird23_zps46f7b0d2.jpg  photo bird24_zpsb6452d61.jpg  photo bird25_zps9403cca3.jpg
sniff... sniff... sob... ..sniff...
 photo bird26_zps66937808.jpg

sniff... sniff... sob... ..sniff...
 photo bird27_zpsff499efc.jpg
*flap flap flap*

 photo bird28_zps03e2c157.jpg  photo bird29_zps3dd7901f.jpg  photo bird30_zps65ddc449.jpg

"killed it"

 photo bird31_zpsb5e1f510.jpg

The very thing to solve all your greenery problems!


 photo cropped-blog_header_zpse4d537fe.png

  photo bird33_zps925f6f4f.jpg

 photo bird34_zps7af1a9ba.jpg  photo bird35_zps34ea3c62.jpg

"Oh little Outdoor Kylie - you have SUCH greenfingers!"

 photo bird36_zpsfd4dfce5.jpg  photo bird37_zps5cdacb79.jpg

*rustle rustle*

 photo bird38_zps87392b8a.jpg

 photo bird39_zps2092911a.jpg  photo bird40_zps81cdd223.jpg
what beautiful bulbs!

 photo bird41_zps3a0f0f10.jpg


We LOVE exploring new places in the wilderness!
Off we go!

* * * * * *

 photo bird42_zpse5844f22.jpg  photo bird44_zps60a53966.jpg  photo bird45_zpsd6b20347.jpg  photo bird46_zpsa3093a5a.jpg

Be my lovebird?

 photo bird47_zps32331a94.jpg

* * * * * * 

Today I'm so excited to introduce you to Little Outdoor Kylie!  I first met Kylie at the Blogcademy I attended earlier this year - (you can read Kylie's awesome review here) and I'm so glad to have met this green-fingered little lady! Her blog is filled with all sorts of greenery and useful tips (Such as: Five tips for long lasting flowers and the ultimate festival packing guide for girls).

What I love about Kylie's blog is that there is so much to LEARN! (knowledge = power). I have been reciting to Warren all the origins of The Christmas tree - and in November she shared some of the traditions of pumpkins and pumpkin carving - some of them are so interesting!

And if you are looking for a really INTERESTING read - take a look at the Celtic Tree astrology signs - {I am a Holly, Warren is The Ash and my brother (who is currently visiting) is The Willow - I'd say they are all pretty accurate!}

Every week, Kylie introduces us to her "bird of the week" a little intro to some cool facts about the bird of choice and Kylie's awesome graphic take on them! (Which is where I stole her Malachite Kingfisher from for this post). We got chatting in The Blogcademy forums and she mentioned that she had thought about turning them into a card range - I say - they would be EPIC! She also introduces us to a new outdoor place worth exploring in her Wild Place Wednesdays and provides a bunch of useful tips and lists.

This month I have absolutely loved her 100 habits of a modern hippie - have a read through and see how many boxes out of 100 you tick! (I'm approx 96% hippie if you must know).

It has been an absolute pleasure having Kylie sponsor indieBerries this month! I have really learnt so much and had such interesting reads while paging through her blog - so definitely go check it out! You can follow her and keep up with interesting earth-child inspired posts and green tips here:

______________{Little Outdoor Kylie}_______________


If you are interested in sponsoring indieBerries and having your very own cartoon to promote your blog/brand or products - you can check out my sponsors page here!

* * * * *

PS Husband has the day off today, and the brother is here visiting - thanks to Kylie's post on the top five Christmas markets in London - I found out about The Southbank Christmas markets and we are headed there today!


Little Outdoor Kylie said...

Ché, this is literally the best thing I have ever seen in my life! I love love LOVE the bit at the beginning with the two birds - your purple bird is hilarious!

Thank you so much for letting me sponsor you, I had such an awesome time on board the indieBerries boat of lols and this cartoon has literally just made my Christmas :) Mega LOVE.


Keri Bainborough said...

Awesome! Love Kylie's blog :)

Dee said...

Love the bird story! And I'm glad I discovered Kylie, I never knew about the Celtic Tree Astrology and I think me being the vine = indecisive is so right! I always say I have abulia or the inability to make a decision. :o

Johlet said...

Hehe I love your illustrations!

Che Kershaw said...

yay! thank you for sponsoring indieBerries this month! So glad you like the cartoon! Merry Merry Christmas to you! :)

Che Kershaw said...

oooh! Im also so indecisive! I thought that Warren's sign (the Ash) was also quite fitting to me! :)

Charlottes_web said...

OK so I love your blog, you have a new follower in me x

Che Kershaw said...

ah yay! so glad you enjoy my little space on the internet! Can't wait to go explore your blog too!

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