Friday, December 6, 2013

Tata Africa

Here on indieBerries, Friday is traditionally the day for "FUN FACT FRIDAY!", but in light of the recent passing of our nation's greatest hero, I thought it would be slightly callous for me to whack you with a bunch of AWESOME (yet ultimately quite meaningless) FUN FACTS today. So instead, I've decided to gather some Mandela inspired tributes from around the web to honour the man who has altered the course of South Africa's history.

To begin, some of my favourite newspaper front pages from around the world - via Buzzfeed (these are a selection of my favourite, to see them all click over to the site) My favourite of all being The Independent).
 photo madiba1_zps0ccf7689.jpg
 photo enhanced-buzz-19285-1386285314-17_zps89b37314.jpg  photo enhanced-buzz-18006-1386305059-4_zps6ed04b37.jpg  photo enhanced-buzz-15726-1386286829-7_zpse760a420.jpg  photo enhanced-buzz-29454-1386306355-0_zps4f25b8ed.jpg  photo enhanced-buzz-15704-1386289356-11_zpsd92ef7c3.jpg
A few pictures of Mandela, his life and times from various sources (some of which I am unable to track down the correct one) from around the internet:
 photo 993754_10152043013359726_1126665555_n_zpsc4593bc4.jpg
Nelson Mandela Capture Site credit: Rajesh Jantilal
 photo 1476173_10152047475720831_2050482860_n_zpse6937baa.jpg
credit: Alf Kumalo
  photo 1460064_10153499161055467_209358112_n_zpsa9376f7a.jpg
(credit: Associated Press)

The Nelson Mandela retirement charity launch campaign - via The Nelson Mandela Foundation

 photo il_570xN371175956_r0wf_zpsdc61a1c9.jpg
Nelson Mandela Poster for sale (which has now been sold) via Andi Andrea on Etsy
 photo il_570xN454821631_4swk_zpsa6436113.jpg
Madiba Swheshwe fabric via Sabie Supplies on Etsty
 photo il_570xN301443587_zpscbadbb57.jpg
Nelson Mandela Clutch via Thunga on Etsy - I love this!

9 collection of Mandela's greatest moments on YouTube, via Memeburn

 photo 1467260_10151774890921596_1532940275_n_zpseaac3ed2.jpg
Barack Obama's tribute to Mandela - a man who "belongs to the ages"

 photo _71568672_71568345_zps469a8259.jpg

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge paying tribute to Mandela.

Some of South Africa's satirical cartoonists honour Madiba - 
  photo 1463195_10151754275270881_1447509981_n_zps266eaf73.jpg
 photo 1472917_426433634151191_931168761_n_zps3b0d2f67.jpg

A collection of some of the most inspiring quotes from The Father of Nation:

"Courage is not the absence of fear, it is encouraging others to move beyond it"
see more via - Huffington Post.

Also - 15 of the most inspiring Nelson Mandela quotes via Buzzfeed.

 photo 1455095_10151808563891603_1731827040_n_zps1db88266.jpg
 photo 1454883_10153638060310287_1881323988_n_zpsb86bbc63.jpg
 photo 1463618_10152051195035498_44943214_n_zps2acfca8c.jpg  photo 1476354_378725492263293_1848856107_n_zpsb95b0193.jpg

I think as average humans it is almost too much for us to comprehend what this great leader has achieved in his life time. Never before has the world seen such powerful force executed with such humility and grace. A man with such care and tenderness towards the human soul with such a fierce and inspiring spirit. Ironically, the one image that has made me the most emotional of all - is the cover image change on the Nandos Facebook page:

May your legacy live on forever Madiba,

The world salutes you.

 photo 1470037_663354327048054_1834096062_n_zps5ac6183a.jpg
(credit: Alexander Joe)


GeeGee said...

Good grief, well done Nando's, that's very well done. Love the pole installation creating the profile face :) We're arriving in CT on Sunday and it'll be surreal being back whilst all the memorials are going on

Sarah G said...

Love this xxx Hope you don't feel too far away today.

Che Kershaw said...

Yes the capture site monument is amazing - and you can only see the profile from a very specific angle. It is actually very near to where my family lives and where we got married :) Happy pre-wedding celebrations! I am sure you are getting SUPER excited! :)

Claudz said...

Thank you for sharing these moments

Che Kershaw said...

Def had a little sob while washing dishes this morning. it was weird. haha.
(also, on a lighter note - I dreamt my mother was playing a basketball match against Princess Diana - who had a very uncomfortable pearl necklace on. Assimilation of great icons passing? Maybe.)

Nicole (PrincessNoo) said...

Beautiful Che - Thank you for sharing xxx

Gaelyn Cokayne said...

Adore this!!!

Kat Forsyth said...

The sadness is so strange. I can't quite wrap my head around it, but I keep tearing up.

Tânia Sequinho said...

Beautiful post. Forever. :)