Monday, December 9, 2013

Cartoon: Wifi Signals

 photo wifi1_zps04833e24.jpg
I was home a few months ago in South Africa. It was lovely to be home... but HOT DAMN, the internet connection KILLED ME. Particularly considering that the two and a half days that my wifi connection decided to become a feeble-little-wimp were the two and a half days that I HAD TO  send out emails/contacts/connections for The Photo Hunt, reply to emails regarding our wedding guestbooks, contact a bride whose wedding stationery I am making, and send off some pages for my doodle book to be processed and retrieve old blog posts for transfer to my new site. So all in all... a VERY frustrating experience. The following account is a true story.

 photo wifi2_zps5e3d1fce.jpg
Top Picture: Strong wifi.
Above Picture: My feeble-wimpish-wifi.

  photo wifi3_zps4c5c50d2.jpg
 photo wifi5_zps58b24381.jpg  photo wifi6_zpsf5f8746c.jpg

(pulls hair out)
 photo wifi4_zpsbc0f328f.jpg  photo wifi13_zpsdd2c6695.jpg  photo wifi7_zps54cfa34e.jpg  photo wifi8_zpsfdc66f70.jpg  photo wifi9b_zpse218b54e.jpg  photo wifi10_zps359f4d29.jpg  photo wifi11_zps729e00e3.jpg  photo wifi12_zps800d8ed9.jpg
sorry computer, i didn't mean to.

 photo wifi14_zps239cd56e.jpg
after two and half days of tearing my hair out, ripping out my eyeballs 
and screaming at my computer....

 photo wifi15_zps96abdb84.jpg

and then...

 photo wifi17_zps85bdbc64.jpg  photo wifi16_zpsc674cb67.jpg

Technology, you are great and I love you dearly -
But sometimes you're a massive pain in the ass.

* * * * *
In other "South African" related news - Little Miss Kylie has made an Awesome tribute to SA (and little indieBerries!) in the form of an epic South African bird! Go check it out here! (I actually did a project in Grade 2 on this bird - so it brought back all sorts of warm fuzzy memories!)


fritha strickland said...

haha this is brilliant! so lovely to meet you at the workshop and thanks so much for your lovely email x

Che Kershaw said...

thank YOU for your awesome speech - you were fab! :)

Wonderland Clothing said...

HOnestly this is seriously one of the truest posts ever!