Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Raw Chicken.

For anyone who does not know me. I am NOT a cook.

So far I have survived the day and Im still alive.

Wow my friend just sent me a link to an awesome cooking/recipe site for fresh inspired artists...
check it out! They draw and cook.


Kerry said...

HAHAHAHA!! Just goes to show that you should let me cook your chicken for you! Then you can spend even more time making us all smile when we read your awesome blog!

Dom said...

hahahahaha! Greg would LOVE to put that on the schedule, but he'd hate that you were dead.

Dee said...

Che..... please check out the cooking site! I remember the casserole you made in Grahamstown for your digs mates!!! It ended up costing you alot at the BP take-away!

Just love all your cartoons.
Great talent