Sunday, July 18, 2010


Last night Modie hosted a slumber party to celebrate me getting older.... It was absolutely fabulous! I'm so grateful to have such lovely friends!

Wine bottles decorated with magic scratch paper...

...and also with zebra print ribbon - because I'm African.

-thank you Laura!

Sarah's disgustingly good Toblerone, marshmellow, chocolate death-wish.
* YUM *


ice-cream, cookies, chocolate sauce, smarties, oreo, ice-cream heaven!!!
... made with love (and also zero calories!) YAY!!

* thank you kristi *

Fabulous face-masks - this is me.

Marv (of the cartoon fame) made a gift for me - I love it:
The adventures of Stick Marv
"Oh No! It's almost time for Che's birthday and I don't have a gift for her!"

"Crap! I only have an hour to get her something. But what do I know about Che?..."

(that would be nice...)

"...and then i remembered... *must put toes on MARV!*"

"Ooops! Late for the party... guess she'll have to wait till I get back from Trinidad!"
Love Marv

The crazies (minus the awesome Zack).

Never have I ever, Truth or daring, face-masking, wine-drinking, food-smashing, chat-rouletting (not recommended). generally awesome... :)

Thank you everyone. You are all fabulous. Here's to being 25!


Dee said...

You have wonderful friends.

Looks like you all had a fantastic evening.

Dom said...

Why is Marv eating Nicole's hair?!