Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm a bad mother.

I have a small shameful secret.

It all started at the Rugby World Cup Final 2007 - South Africa vs England.

The 2007 Rugby World Cup Final took place during my 4th Year of University. We were all really excited for the big mash-up between England and South Africa. I love South Africa, but to be honest, I don't really know all that much about rugby. (no that's not the secret)

Anyway, some of my friends decided to have a big viewing at their house - and they set up a big screen projected TV to view the game. They even set up mattresses on the floor in  front of the TV screen so they could max out the number of people who were able to watch the game at their place.
Obviously I hooked a mattress right in the front:
Actually, I will say that I was not wearing my usual pink dress - but in the spirit of true South African support I put on some green. I really was trying very hard. I even painted my face:
(and this is me with Lisa - who actually does know what is going on in rugby)
Ingrid also painted her face.
it was a fail.
she thought it was very funny. not many other people did.

(me in the corner. trying really hard with my green and gold.)

So, there we were ready for the game:
When you don't really know much about the game, a good tactic is to observe those in the room who are on the same team as you and shout when they shout.


Your cue.

People think you are a really hectic chick who is really into the game of rugby.
(good work)

The game was really EPIC (so I believe) and we beat England - so it must've been a good one...

Everyone was on such a South African high! it was wonderful!! All the streets of Grahamstown were completely green and gold. We all trundled off to the only pub to celebrate the awesomeness of South Africa!!

Paddy and I were merrily walking down the road towards The Rat on a World Cup infused joyous high...

and so we trudged with our new child Cody (who is actually quite heavy and difficult to maneuver after several celebratory drinks) up the road....

and suddenly:

And so, we abandoned Cody, on the street, in the midst of World Cup Fanfare and delirious vagabonds.
How could we?! SHAME on us.
Oh Cody, I am so sorry.

* * *
Now, you may think this is an ordinary milk carton...

but it is in fact a cry for help:

and the quest to find our abandoned child.

Milk carton, made by the awesome Paddy, who is also sick with worry.

Bring Cody Home.

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