Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm making things easier

So, lately I have been a little...



As a result I have invented the handy "catch-all" doccie. 

You can use this lovely doccie in a variety of situations and it can be printed out as many times as you can possibly manage. All you need to do is tick the correct box. and hey presto! 
you don't have to go through the whole congratulatory process a ga-zillion-thousand times.

As my (wedding) gift to you, you can download the handy all-purpose congratulatory doc.
It can be printed (or even emailed) over and over again  - so tell your friends they can have as many weddings and babies as they like. 

you're welcome.

* * *

oh, and PS. a big congrats to all 467 of my facebook friends who have recently got engaged/married/babied. I am truly happy for you. (really). 

But for me... 
I'll just be chilling out in SoKo, 

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