Friday, April 8, 2011

a great day :)

  1. It's a beautiful sunny day in SoKo - the birds are chirping and Spring is coming!
  2. I've already done epic morning workout. Score.
  3. Lunchtime tofu burgers and badminton in the sun. (" least we put the bad in badminton")
  4. Good music.
  5. Kristi and I re-enacting Black Swan in the park. It was... something ;) hahaha
  6. Watching the English Village president ride down the hill in a pedal-powered tram-cart. With a bunch of Koreans in shiny suits running after him. (Should've been there.)
  7. DIY Pizza party later. 
  8. Korean 'cooking class' to look forward to on Monday! :)
  9. I've almost finished my first crochet-attempt scarf, just want to add some fancy buttons ... it's "vintage". haha (cartoon to follow...)
  10. It's Friday. Even although I work today, tomorrow and Sunday - it's still Friday ;) (and also because if i've already gotten to 9 on the list, well then there should probably just be 10.)
Happy Friday!

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