Monday, April 18, 2011

Korean Cookout

On Monday, we had a WONDERFUL day of Korean Cooking. Ji Sun, one of my *favourite* student's mom wanted to give us some Korean cooking lessons at her house... and it was a delicious FEAST!
We even had bought matching aprons. 
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DISH ONE:  Cucumber Kimchi
Kimchi is a very popular/traditional Korean dish usually made from fermented Cabbage. There are many varieties and we made a Cucumber variation.
This is for cleaning. Then soak cucumber in a very salty hot water solution for about 30 - 40mins
Slice lengthways - but NOT all the way to the bottom...
Make the 'filling'
"BuChu" is a Korean vegetable - that looks a little like grass.
(kind of between chives and grass. haha.)
We are wondering if any grass will do...
Stuff the Cucumbers with the BuChu/grass mixture.

I made a quick recipe card:
you can download it HERE.

DISH TWO: Ddeok Bokki
This is a sweet and spicy Korean dish made with Korean Rice Cakes (Ddeok), Cabbage and spices. When the Ddeok (Rice cake) is substituted with instant noodles it is called Lakk Bokki.
The Ddeok Bokki Sauce includes Gochugang (Korean hot pepper paste), Sugar, Sea Tangle (kelp) and garlic. 

Korean Tofu dish - made with sauce of red chili, rice syrup, Soy sauce, Sesame Oil and pepper.

Download the Recipe HERE.

DISH FOUR: Korean Jeon:
Jeon is the Korean style pancake and can be made with a mixture of vegetables.

DISH FIVE: Keran Jjim:
Keran Jjim is an egg dish made using a specialised Korean jiggae-pot. The pot retains heat extra well and helps to steam the egg when stove top is switched off.
We used 5 eggs and equal parts water - (ie 10 half egg shell cups).
This is the iron Jiggae pot - which helps to retain heat.
Download the Recipe HERE.

DISH SIX: Ttak Doritang
This is a spicy chicken soup dish made with a mix of vegetables and spices.
One of the main ingredients is Gochu Karu -Korean Red Chili Powder
BuChu and Sesame seeds are used to garnish.
(left: Dubu Jjim, in background Korean Jeon)
Ddeok Bokki
the master chefs - and our matching aprons.
What a lovely day!
Thank you SO MUCH to Ji Sun - you are our Korean cooking Jengi! 
we love you ^^

Disclaimer - Most of these dishes require ingredients that are specialised to Korea - we have tried to think of some appropriate alternatives - if you think of any better ones - give it a go! ;)
graphics in the photographs via

Also - if anyone is interested in the other recipes - i will write them up - I just have to check with my more "skilled" cooking friends as to the exact directions and substitutions...

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