Saturday, May 18, 2013

Amish Girl and Worldly Boy

In amidst all the wedding posts (loads more on that to come!) and the moving house etc (Warr and I move into our first husband-and-wife house together today!). I have received such lovely emails, comments and messages from indieBerries readers - thank you all so much! It means so much to me (and i forward some of them to The Warr - he loves to have his inbox flooded), and it means so much to him too. One particular lovely lady wanted me to share her love story as a gift for her boyfriend's birthday - which I agreed to post today - 

So I present to you - 

 photo amish2_zps81f0e1e4.jpg  photo amish1_zps99832880.jpg
One day a long long time ago, "Amish girl" decided to join her mother when she went to tea with one of her good friends.

 photo amish3_zps975288cd.jpg
When she arrived at the tea party "Amish Girl" met her mother's friend. 
She also met her mother's friend's neighbour:
 photo amish4_zps842d51ed.jpg
After she arrived at the tea party, her mother's friend's neighbour (i know)
suddenly exclaimed - 

 photo amish6_zps7f1bd433.jpg
 photo amish7_zpsa160a208.jpg photo amish8_zpsa6a04f14.jpg  photo amish7_zpsa160a208.jpg   photo amish10_zpseae9929c.jpg

Amish girl didn't really think too much about this, since we was about to head off to South Korea with another boy she was dating. But a year and a half went by and so did the boyfriend. About one month before she was due to return to South Africa, she received a phone call from her mother's friend:

"Well Amish Girl! Now that you are single - you simply HAVE to meet my neighbour's son! I just LOVE him and you will too! Just trust me!" 
Amish girl tried to act nonchalant. But (like any girl), she weaseled his name out of the match-maker-geriatric and stalked the 
 photo amish11_zps53c1058e.jpg
outta the boy they thought was her perfect match.

When she finally arrived back in South Africa, the two geriatric-cupids organised a sneaky tea-party (braai) so the two could finally meet - 

 photo amish12_zps5828b583.jpg  photo amish13_zpsdabecfcb.jpg

As fate would have it, The Worldly Boy, had his house broken into the previous day and with all the admin which that entails - he missed the cupid-braai.


But after that, and as how all modern relationships begin, Worldly Boy added her on
 photo amish11_zps53c1058e.jpg 
They chatted.
and a conversation began:
 photo amish14_zps045b7abf.jpg   photo amish15_zps186bced8.jpg  photo amish16_zpscbcca624.jpg  photo amish17_zpse1686e43.jpg  photo amish18_zpsb208ca18.jpg

Soon after this, Worldly boy came to Amish's house to pick her up for dinner. They were both not looking forward to it - she thought he was WAY too Worldly and he thought she was a very boring Amish girl that wore wooden buttons on her clothes.

But, in spite of it - 

 photo amish19_zpsadaa013a.jpg

But "Amish girl" was still wary of worldly boy and his worldly ways and didn't want to get her heart broken. But she was also intrigued by the boy who she had such a strong connection with.

 photo amish23_zps4c6299bf.jpg

But while Amish girl was working with the poor in India - 

   photo amish24_zps9122c9b0.jpg
They had never felt the same kind of spark with anyone else.

And Amish girl realised that she needed to be brave and take the leap.

They went on dates, they pranked the neighbours:

 photo amish21_zpsfd0519b2.jpg  photo amish22_zps6b130fb5.jpg  photo amish20_zps90cecd69.jpg

they fell in love...
 photo amish25_zps62338437.jpg  photo amish26_zps65ba6ec3.jpg  photo amish27_zps20209046.jpg

...and the amish girl and the worldly boy, set up by two geriatric cupids, 
the testament to opposites-do-attract - 
lived happily ever after.


This weekend, Amish Girl and Worldly Boy are heading to Clarens for a belated birthday weekend. I hope you two little lovebirds have a fabulous time! Thanks for reading indieBerries.
smooches! x

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