Tuesday, May 14, 2013

{Wedding} Moodboard: The Vibe

 photo ourwedding_zps0d13643a.jpg

Before I get wrapped up in all the awesome details that made our wedding so special - I thought I would just give you a quick peak of the general vibe we went for -

 photo netherwoodinterior1_zpsad2d50c3.jpg

When we booked Netherwood - (the most exquisite venue) - as our reception venue (above), I immediately knew I wanted something big and bold to fill the space. The reception area of Netherwood is already very warm with rich-glowing tones so we wanted something to complement that vibe. 

We knew from the beginning that we wanted our wedding to be fun for guests. Nothing too crystal-chandelier and up-tight where people felt they had to sit up straight in their chairs and not touch anything, so as not to mess with the 45' degree angle napkin-birds. (It paid off and people really did have so much fun.)

I definitely knew that I didn't want anything too matchy-matchy (no thanks), I didn't want to be stressed about finding this blue to match that blue to tie in with that other blue. So we decided for a celebration of colour: Moroccan-esque, festival of rich colours - warm tones, coppers, bronzes, brights and golds. We wanted textures - raw silks, sequins, metallic bronzes and golds, lights and lanterns, big comfy cushions, mirrors, copper pots, paints.

 photo vibe13_zps785a3cc8.jpg

I started planning this wedding long before the invention of "secret pinterest boards" - (ahem pinterest - where were you in my time of need?) So most of these pics I pulled off the web and stored in a file on my computer for inspiration. These "inspiration pics" aren't my own and I started gathering them so long ago that I have no idea where I originally found them - (if you do know please leave a comment I will credit it!)

 photo morocco11_zps4daa5e91.jpg  photo vibe15_zpsb2884f31.jpg   photo runners_zps65c9a2c2.jpg  photo vibe16_zpsb395f3c8.jpg  photo photo_zps633e1b04.jpg  photo vibe17_zps59df62a9.jpg

the Netherwood bathrooms - already had the most gorgeous coppery-bronze basins and wood-finish counters with naked light bulbs - LOVE! And all the coppery tones worked so beautifully with our general vibe.

 photo moodboard_zps07cc6c34.jpg

I gathered all the elements that I loved and made a mini-moodboard which I printed and whacked into my wedding ideas book - (which went absolutely everywhere with me):

 photo vibe12_zps65f1b967.jpg photo vibe11_zps95cb9765.jpg  photo vibe9_zps4f7f045d.jpg  photo vibe7_zpscc851445.jpg  photo vibe10_zps0b3c9041.jpg  photo vibe1_zpsbca0e52d.jpg  photo vibe5_zps16239958.jpg  photo vibe4_zps202a1cab.jpg  photo vibe6_zps5feec33a.jpg  photo vibe8_zpsb4058162.jpg

So those are a few of the snaps of the general vibe/ moodboard decor inspiration we went for - when I get our professional pics - I will whack a few of them up. I also have a few of my own snaps of the decor process - which I will share too - but will hold out on those until we've got the professional ones to go with it. (eeeeeee!!!) Will also be posting a few posts about how we tied the bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls etc into this vibe -

Am also hoping to post a few more pics from the wedding scrapbook and a little how-i-kept-all-my-shit-together post.

Because trust me, if you're planning a wedding - 

you'll need it.


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