Thursday, November 28, 2013

36 Totally valid excuses to NOT exercise.

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(image found via Pinterest. Originally from The Good Old Days TV Show.)

London winter is upon us. It is getting colder and darker by the second and I do not approve. Hit me with some snow and I might overlook it - but for right now - it is just cold and dark and getting harder and harder to make the effort to exercise when sitting on the couch seems like a way more cozy option. For all those living in colder (darker) parts of the world right now - I thought I would help you out by providing you with:

A list of perfectly valid excuses NOT to exercise.
(Use them whenever you feel is necessary)
  1. It's too cold.
  2. It's too hot.
  3. I've already eaten a pie, a pizza and a bag of chips - there is no point.
  4. I've only eaten celery today - I don't need to.
  5. I can't find my sports bra.
  6. It was feminist-day yesterday - I burnt my sports bra.
  7. I don't have a sports bra.
  8. My gym clothes are in the wash.
  9. I need to wash my gym clothes.
  10. My lover likes me "chunky"
  11. I like me "chunky"
  12. I'll just get a tan.
  13. I'm a bit "busy" with something.
  14. People should love me for my personality.
  15. I need to do this other thing.
  16. I need to do another other thing.
  17. I'll just do a series of rapid eye-blinking - am sure there are calories to be burned in that.
  18. I'm inventing my own new exercise - finger snapping.
  19. Laughing is basically the same as exercising.
  20. Shivering is EXACTLY the same as exercising.
  21. I've been neglecting the couch lately - must make ammends.
  22. I don't want to get too skinny.
  23. I can't leave the house now it's too dark - I will definitely die.
  24. I might sprain a muscle.
  25. i cut my fingernail too close to my pinky - it's very sore.
  26. I must listen to my body - it's very sore.
  27. I'll just do some light stretching.
  28. I'll start on Monday.
  29. Oh! I forgot Monday is my "rest day"
  30. I need a rest day.
  31. I'll eat ONLY PROTEINS tomorrow.
  32. I don't want to over-endorphin myself.
  33. I forgot I already have other plans.
  34. I don't have enough fuel for this workout - I might feel faint.
  35. Oh no, i just painted my nails.
  36. I've already showered today.
Also - you guys... I love you guys on twitter - y'all are such fun! Come join the party! @indieBerries

PS y'all - you should all TOTALLY exercise. It's good for you and such.
(And when you find the motivation - come over to my house - I will talk you out of it pretty quickly. Wine?)


Johlet said...

haha thank goodness here in Sunny SA it's too nice not to exercise!
Enjoy freezing London!

waitingformeg said...

hau sissie, heh eh!

Gaelyn Cokayne said...

Hahahahahahaha love this!!!!

GeeGee said...

haha, you got me laughing most with the last line :D Yes please, I just bought some bottle-in-a-glass sized wine glasses

Che Kershaw said...

EISH wena! exercise.... angithanda! AWEH.

Che Kershaw said...

See point #2.

Che Kershaw said...

whaha. we already have those bottle in a glass-glasses. we actually had to invest in some other wine glasses too - to save ourselves. lol

waitingformeg said...

my Zulu stops with eish and hau. and wena. The rest is, well, Zulu to me.

Johlet said...

I saw point #2! hehe but still too nice outside to not exercise! hehe
Heat and all!