Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sponsor indieBerries: Some sweet things...

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image via Pinterest | Original source: Amanda Glass

As you might have read - I recently opened up indieBerries to sponsorship. Since it's the first time that I have done anything like this on the blog - I thought I would share some "sweet things" that some sponsors had to say:

My First "Main Sponsor" was Keri from Midlands Musings. Being the "Main Sponsor" her packaged included her very own solo cartoon blog post. This is what she had to say about her sponsorship experience on indieBerries -
"As the very first sponsor for indieberries, I was a bit of a guinea pig for the lovely Ché Dyer's new Sponsor feature. But I didn't think twice - you simply cannot argue with Che's stats - with 82 000 views a month, it's a no-brainer. She has a large amount of followers and receptive readers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, who are eager to interact and engage with Ché's sponsors. Not only did I get a gorgeous cartoon with my main sponsor position, but a significant number of new readers and followers of my blog
The day Ché published my cartoon and sponsor post, I received three times my average page views and about twenty - thirty new followers on my blog's social networks pages. Sponsoring with Ché is an absolute pleasure - she delivers on what she promises and nothing is a hassle for her. She even designed me a lovely blog logo to fit into my sponsor space, because my logo was not the right size. The interaction you receive with Ché's readers is fantastic - they adore her and trust in what she tells them. Which they should - because she really is a lovely, smart and intelligent person. I have already booked my next main sponsor post for April 2014 - that's how much I loved my sponsor experience with Ché, her blog and the indieberries readers."

Another sponsor, Dee from Deecoded - took a medium space Ad Package and had the following to say about her experience:
indieBerries is my favorite blog so when Ché announced that she was accepting sponsors, I signed right up! It's the best thing I ever did for my blog because I got tons of traffic from her! I sponsored around 10 blogs this month and only her site gave me hundreds of page views. I also really loved how she described me and my blog on her sponsor post, she really made people want to check me out. I'm definitely sponsoring her again! 
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image via Pinterest | original source: Coco Rocha

If you're interested in sponsoring indieBerries this month - 
take a look at my sponsors' info page here

Or pop me an email

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Gaelyn Cokayne said...

Ok Ok, Merry Christmas Gaelyn, have a sponsorship on one of your fave blogs ever!!!

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