Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sponsors - awesome people of April!

I know I have had a bit of radio silence over this Easter Weekend... did you miss me?

Don't lie. Of course you did.

To make up for my quiet weekend in blogville, I have an awesome line up of epic sponsors for you to meet! So let's get stuck right in!

 photo peopleofawesomeness_zps7c02d3ba.jpg

Ruby + Swallow

First up on the list of awesomeness is Ruby + Swallow - this is the creative blog and stationery design team headed up by Kim and Filipa. Ruby + Swallow is a real feast for the eyes and you can tell just by clicking over to their website that these girls have a knack for incredible design! Their blog is filled with lovely lifestyle posts, personal posts and a good lashing of their awesome design work and creative wedding ideas! I can tell you right now, these dynamic girls are going places! Feast your eyes on their awesome portfolio work - and stay tuned because they are offering an awesome deal for indieBerries readers! Details coming soon!

* * * * * 

Femmegypsy is the blog of Tamzin Nel and her contradictory life. Tamzin's blog is awesome because she often shares quite philosophical-type posts which really get you thinking and questioning your own internal monologues (take this post for example!). She also writes really interesting content - reading about her job and the contradictions it brings about in her is fascinating! And lots of personal nitty-gritty type posts - which really take you back to what exactly blogging is all about. Each post of hers begins with an inspirational quote - which I absolutely love! Femmegypsy: corporate by occupation, hippy at heart. Dive in!

* * * * *

I've mentioned before, but I think Skype Engllish Now is such an awesome concept! If you are a second language English speaker looking to improve your English, be it conversational, business English or specific preparation for exams or tests - you can book a one on one English class via skype with one of the Skype English Now teachers. If you want to test it out to see if it's right for you, you can book a FREE 20 - 30 min class! And it's perfect because you don't even need to leave the comfort of your own home! If you have any important documents (resumés, essays, business docs) or less important docs (emails, blog posts, letters) that need proof-reading and editing - you can submit your documents to Josh who will ammend them for you! And all it takes for you, is a couple of button clicks!

* * * * * 

The Moss Letter Company is no stranger to indieBerries - they have been hanging out on the sidebar for a little while now and I LOVE having them! Their mossy letters are just too awesome! Think weddings, home decor, party decor - you name it! Also... a little while ago - Jodie, the awesome creative behind Moss Letters asked me if Warren and I would like to come get some "wedding snaps" for their Spring Mossy Collection - unfortunately, Warr and I were in South Africa at the time - but I recommended another lovely couple for them to snap! Head over to The Moss Letter Company home page to see if you spot any familiar faces!! (hint!). The Moss Letter Blog (actually one of my favourites for their "weekend reads" has also had a mini facelift - so go check it out!). (Also - this post on tips for a fledgling business - LOVE it.)

* * * * *

This is a blog for all the wordy-lovers out there! I love this post on "substituting" that wild backpacking pipe-dream with getting lost in the exotic adventures of book. Amy writes with genuine food for thought and provides some super useful tips for aspiring writers. Take for example this post on deadlines - do deadlines make you FREAK OUT? Amy explores how deadlines can be used as a powerful tool for writing motivation and gives some awesome tips for using them to your advantage. I also love this post on "writers excuses" and what they really mean - which really can be replaced with just about any activity. Go delve into Amy's world of wordy-wonderland!

* * * * *

And that's the round up for this month's awesome sponsors! As I mentioned, be sure to check back for Ruby + Swallow's featured post and their awesome deal for indieBerries readers! If you would like to advertise with indieBerries - check out the different packages here!

PS - I have some SUPER exciting things coming in the next two weeks! Including the last of the awesome Vintage Vineyard Styled shoot photographers, some funny cartoons and some WILDLY exciting BIG announcements! (I am BURSTING to share.... can you tell?!) Stay Tuned!


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