Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Paper Tree

 photo treeplant1_zps1d93af1e.jpg
It feels a little strange to be posting about this now - but I have so many awesome things that I haven't shared with you from our wedding day - and seeing as though our first wedding anniversary is just around the corner (IT'S ON SUNDAY, WARREN) - I figured, why not?!
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Right before everyone was called inside to enjoy the epic feasting on our wedding day - the MC called us to gather around the side of Netherwood. Warr's dad then began the most peculiar speech... it started with Graham (my dad) receiving some alarming emails from Sappi, which then turned into frantic phone calls from the paper manufacturing giants - which soon became severe warnings from the Environmental conservationists who had gathered together at the Eco World Summit - to discuss the problem.

 photo DSCN0381_zps2152b557.jpg
Everyone was listening intently as the story unfolded (even the mass of flowergirls above). It turns out that a small little "factory" in Hilton had been burning through so much paper in the recent months, that the Mondi Forest program had alerted the authorities about the rapid decline of paper trees in the area. (ahem, Save the Dates (including an entirely wooden pencil), Wedding invitations (featuring several sheets of paper each), Five hundred pieces of church programs, betting sheets, name cards and about a thousand different menu pages.)

The Dads then decided that in order to quell the angry conservationists - they would help the paper-depletion problem (created by a one-times-indieBerries-on-a-wedding-mission) by replanting a paper tree in honour of all those that had been sacrificed to make the best wedding in all the lands.

Warr and I had no idea about any of this and yes, you guessed it, I shoveled a stash of dirt in my beautiful white wedding dress:

 photo treeplanting3_zpsbe05859d.jpg 
 photo IMG_6085_zps12476dce.jpg photo IMG_6083_zps9c015b6d.jpg photo treeplant4_zps79310687.jpg
Two weeks ago, when Warr and I were both in the midlands, we took a drive out to Netherwood to visit our tree and give it some love. At first, as we drove over the hill, we couldn't see it and thought that someone had dug it up - (HOW COULD THEY?!?!) but as we got closer we saw it was still there... still a very young little sapling but growing stronger and more beautiful every day.

Just like us.

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