Sunday, July 8, 2012

7 things

7 awesome things I've done this week - 

  1. Watched the Wimbledon Ladies Quarter Finals on Centre Court.
  2. Took Warr to see Shrek the Musical in Covent Garden and feasted on a delicious Mezze Platter at a streetside cafe in Covent Garden before the show.
  3. Went with Warr's mom to Camden Market and got given a Rose Quartz rock for love and a happy marriage by a Stone Healer - after telling him I was out for the day with my future Mom-in-law.
  4. Ate delicious organic cupcakes and gourmet burgers
  5. Finished more than a hundred and twenty Save the Dates for the wedding. weeeeee!!
  6. Warren showed me how good we was at Braaing (ribs, wors, chicken wings, yum) and I showed him how good I am at buttering rolls.
  7. Got carded...
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1 comment :

the Warr said...

I loved last week, just like every week with you x