Friday, July 6, 2012


I've been in London about a month now and I don't know if it's the fact that I started grumbling a few days ago when the sun didn't shine for a consecutive 5th day or that I just put my umbrella in my bag without even thinking about it - but I now consider myself fully-British. ha. Along with my new British-ism I have been really been feeling the urge to find of these union jack type pillows - aren't they awesome? Yes, they are.
This one above is found on the slater sparkle site. (Dog not included).
This link is actually to a DIY tutorial of making the union-jack chest of drawers ( here ) I do love the muted tones pillow on top of the drawers though...
This is also another tutorial for the stencil pillow found here. But look how well it goes with the union jack one behind it. Gotta get my paws on one of these!

There are also a few etsy listing's for shabby chic union jack type pillows. This one is from Lizzie Sherwood. Her pillows are so pretty - but I think I prefer the plain coloured ones.

Here is also a Denim union jack pillow from Cat Carousel - also on Etsy.


A Daft Scots Lass said...

What do you mean dog not included?? HUMPH!

I want a pair of union jack shoes!!!! Bring me back a pair, will ye?

Precious and Jemily said...

Primark has Union Jack pillows - in red and blue, and then one in lighter blue (or may have been purple - you know me and colours!). If you can get past the fact that it's Primark and the in-store traffic (just pretend it's Mr Price Home in your head, at Christmas time) :)

I like that you are British now. Talk about the weather a lot, and this week, make sure you say how Murray is a Scottish tennis player (and not "British') and you'll fit right in! x P

Che Kershaw said...

oh i just discovered the joys of Primark yesterday- wow it is the SHIZZ!!! :) got some sweet dress up clothes for an Olympic party!! :) im totes british now.