Monday, August 5, 2013

Blogcademy Round Up

Today is the final day to enter the London Blogcademy Scholarship. In true politician candidate style, I have decided to highlight my Blogcademy Campaign Round-up.

I posted my "official" entry on indieBerries, here - which featured some hand-drawn cartoons of the fab Blogcademy Headmistresses and the (many, many) reasons why I'm so desperate to attend this awesome blogging workshop.

 photo blogcademyscholar1_zps1149fdab.jpg

I made a very glamourous Blogcademy-inspired Pinterest Board  - 

 photo bookb1_zps91467184.jpg
with all sorts of turquoise, sequins, sparkles and shimmer.
(and one or two cupcakes and bunny-ears thrown in for good measure).

The following day, I blogged about a turquoise notebook DIY

 photo c93a18c925_zpse92b2378.jpg

 photo bookb27_zpsdd558683.jpg

...and how terribly sad my little notebook will be "all dressed up with no-where to go"

I made a list of FUN FACTS!
which I posted on Friday -

 photo funfact8_zpscc54a7c9.jpg
Turquoise is the new black.

About two weeks ago, I made some sparkly sequinned bunny ears -
I made husband film the process.

He told me I shouldn't post the video -

Me: Why? It's fun! It's like my personality-and-all.
Hubsand: Yeah.. but... it's not like... professional. You wanna be professional, don't you?
Me: Oooh. yeah. I totes wanna be professional. Yeah, I shouldn't post it, You're absolutely right.

so anyway, 

here is the video:

and some close up of those bunny ears -
sequins, turquoise fluff, glitter.

You can pretty much figure out the rest.

 photo photo4_zps5db0d408.jpg
 photo photo3_zpsc96f0a2c.jpg

My mom (all the way in South Africa) has been asking about the Blogcademy entry - I told her that I've just seen a really cool submission - which we'll just call The Smurf Boy.

Mom replies with:

 photo blogcademy_zps1ee122a6.jpg

She doesn't get it, because

a) it IS the end of the world, if I don't get into this thing and
b) the Blogcademy colour is turquoise so "painting myself pink" is completely:

 photo Photoon2013-08-05at1204_zpsdf719ef9.jpg

So anyway, to round-up my blogcademy application campaign - 
I'm writing a poem to the Headmistresses of the Blogcademy:

 photo photo5_zpsa58303b1.jpg

Dear Shauna, Gala and Kat,

Dear famous bloggers, so world renown -
I'd love to join you in London town.
(I've been annoying the husband with all my "blogcademy chatter"
so please accept me and save his grey-matter.)

There are so many things I neeeeed to know -
branding and marketing and SEO
I have questions a-plenty: (about one million-and-three)
and being able to ask you would mean the world to me.
I'm kept up at night, with all my questions a-burning,
plus I love all things "school" and am a sucker for learning.
I have so many creative "things" that float round in my brain
(hence my scholarship entry became a campaign).

I know I have the potential to be something great -
and it feels my life has been one long wait.
I need your critiquing and expert know how,
I'm desperate for advice and cat-ears, me-ow.

I'm not sure what else I can do -
besides draw a bajillion more pictures or paint myself blue.
I can't bake you cupcakes as husband will attest -
my cooking skills are highly inedible, at best
I've drawn pictures, made pinboards, made ears-of-the-bunny
been told (by the mom) to "paint myself pink" which is funny.

I need help and direction at honing my creativity and skills -
and who better than from 3 fab bloggers in their sequined frills.
If you choose me as part of your blogcademy soirée,
I promise, I'll be hanging on every word that you say.
I'm ready for a "plan" for this little blog to grow -
and I know I'll leave with purpose and an inspired glow.

So, dear headmistresses - pink-haired and brunette,
Please pick ME as one of your Blogcademy Cadettes.

  photo photomontage_zps893403b9.jpg

For anyone else interested in reading more about The Blogcademy, you can click here (or you can just email me, I've read every single page on there about one hundred times).

Here is a list of the other scholarship submissions as of now - (and there are some awesome blogs in this list - so go check them out, yo)

Smashing the Glass - Save the Date/Fate
Yellow Bunting YouTube Video
Defective Geeks YouTube Video
Stevie Hewett Illustration
Craig Dearsley Photo - I'm Blue
Fifi Scarlet - Movie script
All the Time I wish... - Words and Video
Secrets of a Happy Girl - Paper Cranes & Cupcakes
Little Outdoor Kylie - Birdwatching
Aimee Marie - Written Application

Hold all your appendages for me, people.


GeeGee said...

Ooooh very cool seeing the submissions because it's GREAT to know what other creativity is around. However - you blog Like A Boss who needs to expand their company so I'm waggling bunny ears behind you. Holding thumbs!

Caley said...

I'm holding them all! You deserve it girl x

Warrz said...

Holding everything I can and more x

Dee said...

What a cute and funny poem! I really hope you get the scholarship! You totes deserve it.

Che Kershaw said...

thanks husband - although, am guessing that you are only holding thumbs to prevent yourself from having to hear me cry about it for the next several months. Whatevs. i'll take it <3

Keri Bainborough said...

If you don't get it I'm gonna cry. You deserve it the mostest.

Megs H said...

You so deserve to win....your "campaign" is so good ;) Holding thumbs for you!!! Much love xxxx

Lauren said...

HAHA! You def have to represent SA at the Blogacademy. They should hire you as their PA immediately! x

WeezaFish said...

Good luck, good luck! I am SO holding thumbs for you. And Turquoise is my favourtie colour, so thank you for all the beauty in this post :)

Johlet said...

Gooood luck! :)