Thursday, August 8, 2013

{cartoon} Insomnia

I am a Night Owl. Completely. Utterly. Through and Through. In fact, If I could sleep until 11am every morning and be awake until 3am - that would suit me juuuust fine. Midnight is right around my peak-waking hour.

Husband on the other hand, is a Morning Sparrow. His alarm goes off and he's all like 

I want to SMACK morning, in the face.
With a chair.

In fact, i think if husband and I lived our weeks according to our natural body clocks - 
I really don't think we'd ever see each other.

Because I am such a night owl - as evening and "bedtime" (pfft) draws near, my brain kicks into epic overdrive. There's nothing I can do - my mind just starts thinking/plotting/planning/creating/designing/making/crafting - 

which leads me to


(and yes, I have a million notebooks/books/magazines/pens/puzzles etc next to my bed to
write it down, distract myself etc. etc.)

The insomnia - it finds a way:

 photo insomnia1_zpse03b6a10.jpg  photo sleep1_zps18ea5fcd.jpg  photo insomnia2_zps6f9f95f4.jpg  photo sleep2_zps44ed8c82.jpg  photo insomnia4_zps0b219c18.jpg  photo insomnia5_zps4b612411.jpg  photo insomnia6_zps11f575b9.jpg
too many blankets.
not enough blankets.
on your back.
on your side.
on your stomach.

 photo insomnia4_zps0b219c18.jpg  photo insomnia8_zpsa4f88366.jpg  photo sleep3_zpsd373a8f0.jpg  photo insomnia7_zps4028da8d.jpg   photo insomnia9_zps0dfd6ca5.jpg
You probably shouldn't wake your husband - 
who has a long day ahead of him at work in the morning.

But, also - 

it's 3am in the morning and who are you to talk to?

 photo insomnia10_zpsb62f5e61.jpg
 photo insomnia11_zps97b38dbb.jpg  photo insomnia12_zps3d87b6d6.jpg  photo insomnia13_zps5689f716.jpg  photo insomnia14copy_zps6ed1e914.jpg  photo insomnia15_zps5e4e8ffe.jpg  photo insomnia16_zps63b72f41.jpg  photo insomnia17_zps43b75e9b.jpg  photo insomnia20_zps435f0a7a.jpg  photo insomnia21_zps8bcfd0fa.jpg  photo insomnia22_zps7cbb2b52.jpg  photo insomnia23_zps87cf912b.jpg  photo insomnia24_zps2d197b13.jpg  photo insomnia26_zpsd8bec394.jpg  photo insomnia27_zps6d793adc.jpg  photo insomnia18_zps40fc5e3a.jpg  photo insomnia27b_zpscf615413.jpg  photo insomnia27c_zpsf617e4b2.jpg
 photo insomnia27b_zpscf615413.jpg photo insomnia27_zps6d793adc.jpg  photo insomnia28_zps1794f51e.jpg

* * * * * * *

 photo insomnia29_zps991af11b.jpg  photo insomnia30_zps74b5373c.jpg  photo insomnia31_zpsfe511af3.jpg


 photo sleep4_zps1bd7e0fb.jpg

 photo insomnia32_zps73e87322.jpg  photo insomnia33_zps87c8e744.jpg  photo insomnia34_zps23687b4c.jpg  photo insomnia35_zps6856ab2c.jpg  photo insomnia37_zpsef467a92.jpg  photo insomnia36_zpseb4abb5e.jpg

* the end


Foot Note: this blog post was conceptualised somewhere around 4am.

You're freaking welcome.


Rhianne said...

This is Thomas too! Once he's asleep that's it - he's out cold. Bah!! I feel your pain x said...

I had it AGAIN last night too :-/

Che Kershaw said...

i totally took a sleeping tablet last night. (after two nights of not sleeping) (actually there was a sleeping tablet just next to my bed with a glass of water waiting for me after I got back from a friends place). aaaah.... the trust of marriage - "just ingest whatever pill your husband has put next to the bed for you" lol. hope you get a good night's sleep tonight!

A Daft Scots Lass said...

There is nothing worse....except perhaps the toothache

Keri Bainborough said...

Sending the horse tranquilizers back with Andy's stepdad for you xxx said...

HAHAHAHAHAHHAAH! Love it - instead of being a feeder, Warr is your dealer (you get what I mean!) Im going to have a glass of wine and lots of rescue tonight - that should do the trick for me!

Dee said...

LOL'ed when the drums came out. Really? Haha. The punch line was totes funny!

Megs H said...

This is so bloody funny...still laughing :)

Emma said...

Oh the LOLs of this! I LOL'ed hard because I do this. Only I'm not bringing the drums out to chat with the husband. No, no. The husband is a snorer. So if I'm not sleeping, I want some quiet whilst my brain is on full 'LET'S THINK OF ALL THE IDEAS. RIGHT NOW. ALL NIGHT.' And snoring is something akin to nails on chalkboard for me. But generally, if I have a few nights of this, which is often(!), then I just start living to my own timetable because those ideas are GOLD! Especially the 4am ones! My best writing has come from that time of the morning! I get funny when I get insomnia.

Caley said...

I feel your pain!! And morning... WTF?! Who is friends with that mothertrucker anyway?! x

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha i KNOW. MORNINGS: ain't NOBODY got time for that!

fathima said...

HAHA! That morning gremlin face is exactly how I feel anytime someone wakes me up! I'm a night owl, but I also have the magical ability to sleep anytime, anywhere (and would spend a lot more time asleep in my car in traffic etc, if it weren't dangerous). My lack of night time sleep is more a case of fomo and wanting to do more stuff than not being able to sleep.

Andrea said...

Aw, I feel your pain so much. But at least your husband sleeps. We are both light sleepers, which is the worst. Because when I wake up in the middle of the night I'm like "want to crawl out of my skin/ check facebook/ read a book/ watch tv/ get water/ go to the loo/ talk to the cat" but I can't do any of that because fiance-man will wake up and be super grumpy all night/ day. Seriously, the sound of book pages rustling wakes him up.

Che Kershaw said...

i totally get you about sleeping on transport! cars, buses, trains... but planes... can NEVER sleep on planes! (of course) haha

Che Kershaw said...

haha! yep! when i am awake at night i am AWAKE! luckily for me though - warren likes the sound of book pages - so... literature for the win! haha

Johlet said...