Tuesday, August 20, 2013

{Cartoon} PET PEEVES

 photo petpeeve1_zps83e25cf8.jpg
When I was much younger I often slept over at my granny's house - Granny's house was the BEST time and I thought my parents kept dumping me there because they wanted me to have ALL THE FUN IN THE WORLD - although it was probably (mainly) because they wanted some time out. Whatevs.

At granny's house - there was bright pink and yellow typewriter paper - like boxes and boxes of it and all tied together with string. I used to get my gran to write down as many questions as she could on the pink and yellow paper because, for some reason, my six year old-self just loved answering questionnaires and making booklets of self-interviews.

(I know).

One of her questions - I remember very clearly - asked: 

"What is your pet peeve?"

Being the young fry that I was - I had no idea what this meant, so I asked my lovely granny and she told me:

"Well, it's like a pet thing you don't like very much or something that annoys you."

to which I remember replying - 

 photo petpeeve2_zpsb8b36adf.jpg

oh bless my little cotton socks.

* * * *

Anyway - today I thought I would share one of my PET PEEVES with you:

 photo petpeeve3_zps57dd6bdd.jpg
It is appropriate today because I have recently come across a really awesome lifestyle/yoga/meditative/good-life/beautiful inspiring-words blog which I would really love to share with you. But - this particular author has not yet grasped this concept and it irks me to my core.

So much so that I cannot actually even share it.

But, like - 

When your entire mantra is based off a grammatical error:



No. I just cannot.

In fact, if husband ever messaged me to say:

"your my favourite thing"
I'd text him right back with 
"your sleeping on the couch"

Please do take the next few moments to really LEARN what I'm about to teach you - 
and let's make this world a grammatically happier place
 photo petpeeve4_zps8bb947c9.jpg  photo petpeeve5_zps4e96872a.jpg

those are your french fries. 
You bought them.

You own them
They belong to you.
They are yours.

Now when you say to your friend

"your awesome!"

what you are really saying is:
 photo petpeeve6_zps6808b253.jpg  photo petpeeve7_zpscf9dbda8.jpg

if they have already grasped this simple concept then - 

 photo petpeeve8_zpsee9bbf8e.jpg

OK - 

 photo petpeeve9_zpsa8105bbe.jpg  photo petpeeve10_zps06c0ba4f.jpg  photo petpeeve11_zps6626edb4.jpg  photo petpeeve12_zps5b821b40.jpg  photo petpeeve13_zps179f272f.jpg  photo petpeeve14_zps547f1178.jpg  photo petpeeve15_zpsdd4a7706.jpg  photo petpeeve16_zpsa92d6549.jpg

The sneaky one eyed apostrophe bandit has successfully hijacked the letter A.
Sneaky one-eyed bandit is holding the letter A hostage.

 photo petpeeve17_zps34b55081.jpg  photo petpeeve18_zps4e8cc1ea.jpg
still holding the letter A hostage.

 photo petpeeve19_zpscb6cb4fb.jpg

Sneaky- one-eyed-apostrophe-bandit has hidden in that empty alleyway - 
 holding the letter A hostage. 

The Letter-Police are flummoxed.

 photo petpeeve20_zps8e3a3831.jpg

..... and don't you forget it.

Your welcome.

Grammar: the difference between knowing your shit, and knowing you're shit.


meemi_sha said...

YOU ARE super funny For Realz!. Dig ur Blog. :-)

GeeGee said...

I want an Awesome! he looks squishy and sticky! He'd look lovely on an Alot!

Tanya Jacobs said...

Can you make this into an A4 infographic so I can print it out and give it to trainees and students who come through editorial? LOL! Brilliant.

Megs H said...

I now have to be very careful when I comment on your blog and Twitter account...OMG...did I use the punctuation and grammar correctly_#Stressing!!! But great blog post....thanks for the FYI :) Much love xxx

Chicara said...

Best post ever!

Amy Francis said...

Yoh. Such an irritant. Cease vs seize. It's vs its.There vs their. The basics, Che, peeps need to get the basics, RIGHT?? :) Thank you for this post :)

Claudz said...

Brilliant!! This should be printed and distributed to all the idiots! That said, I may be a little guilty of this occassionally as I do typer faster than I read and only see what I think should be there.

Julz said...

Love this! And is it okay to admit that I now really want an awesome of my very own!

Diwi_Babu said...

Glory to the grammar Gods, absolutely love this! One of my pet peeves is random spaces EVERYWHERE in emails. People need to stick to single spacing in between words and at the start of the sentence - I just can't handle these double, triple or quadruple spaced sentences!!

Claire said...

It was International Apostrophe Day last Friday. I wrote an ironic status update on FB...a friend corrected me. Now I have to wait for International Irony Day to explain to her what I'd done...

Lulu Johnson said...

LOVE this..Perhaps you're (kidding!) next post could be on how to spell "DEFINATELY"...Would definitely help even more people to know their shit. :) x

Caley said...

HYSTERICAL!!!!!!! And so so true! As an English major and now teacher - these things kill me too! x

Legally blonde said...

My pet peeve: People who say things like 'WE going to Durban' and 'YOU so cool' - those people deserve a punch in the ovary. :/

John said...

Rather like okes verus oaks

Che Kershaw said...

hahahah oh hilarious! Please DO let me know when international irony day is happening - i'd LOVE to be involved! lols :)

Che Kershaw said...

haha shall start making Awesomes to order :)

Che Kershaw said...

hahahaha :) am not THAAAT much of a grammar nazi... maybe :) haha

Che Kershaw said...

no your! haha

Che Kershaw said...

what do you mean? oh you mean like....

like is this..... is this it?

just making sure we are on the same page.


Che Kershaw said...

haha EXACTLY. I should do a series.

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha punch in the ovary. hilar. YOU SO COOL!

Che Kershaw said...

aaaah YES. next english lesson will be on the definately debacle.

Che Kershaw said...

oooh their vs there... that's definitely next on the indieBerries english-language-lesson list!

Tasqeen said...

Dear Che - Just wanted to say You're Awesome. This post is epic. Love love love YOUR blog ;)

Che Kershaw said...

hahahaha why thank you :) YOUR awesome too! x

Violetsteel said...

Great post :) It prompted me to blog about my own pet peeves :)

Helen Seimenis said...

Agreed! And just as annoying - thEn and thAn