Wednesday, August 14, 2013

DIY: Drunken Crafts.

So, the other Friday I attempted to make some dinner. Now - let me assure you, that every time I "attempt" to make some dinner - it is always the most massive celebration (wow! a meal!) and we drink ALL the wine.

So a few Fridays ago - after "A MEAL! I MADE A MEAL!" and one two bottles (+) of wine shared with the husband at home, I decided to get my craft on.

Introducing DIY Photo Coasters

 photo drunkcraft1_zpscaf13792.jpg

What you need:

  • old drinks coasters
  • print outs of your favourite pics
  • scissors
  • modge podge and brush
  • wine (optional)
  • curious "wanting-to-help" husband (not recommended)
 photo drunkcraft2_zpsca47ceb2.jpg

I printed out some snaps to use to up-cycle our coasters. I opted for a black and white colour scheme - but you could choose any colour scheme that works for you.

 photo drunkcraft3_zps740f365b.jpg

I used the coasters to trace around the printed pages so that each picture would fit exactly onto the coaster.

 photo drunkcraft4_zps1a211dab.jpg  photo drunkcraft5_zps14c18e41.jpg

At which point, husband re-entered the lounge (third bottle of delicious red wine in hand)

Husband: Whatcha.... dooooin?
Me: Well, i thought I would just ya know... do a bit of craftin'
Husband: what is it?
Me: Well... I'm re-cycling these coasters with new black and white pics...
Husband: ...but like... what are you using that paintbrush for?
Me: It's for the modge podge - to stick the printed pictures onto the coasters.
*looks as husband, looks at paintbrush. Looks back at husband* It's FUN! You wanna try?

Husband: Yeah awesome! Give me them-paintbrushes! Yeah! Imma craftin' !
Me: Ok, cool - I'm just gonna go get a tissue to wipe my fingers quick... Just make sure you put enough modge podge on the paper oh... and do a layer over the top once you've stuck them down... but i'll be back in two seconds so just wait until...

 photo drunkcraft14_zpsfdfab7b9.jpg  photo drunkcraft6_zps4e6c4253.jpg  photo drunkcraft7_zpsc8ba1a6a.jpg

indieBerries returns to scene of crafting

Me: What are you doing?!
Husband: am MODGE-PODGING!
Me: ... but it has to be smooth! it's all lumpy now! you have to cut the pictures out first! That's why I was tracing them! Didn't you see me trace them?!
Husband: I'm doing it my way.
Me: Can we rather do it my way?

 photo drunkcraft11_zpsa89e5754.jpg  photo drunkcraft12_zpse2be6f1d.jpg

Once you have rescued your coasters from your wild-modge-podging husband, leave them to dry.

 photo drunkcraft8_zpsafe969bb.jpg
If you left this project in the clutches of your husband, the pictures on the coasters may not end up fitting exactly as you planned them to. Never fear - washi tape is on hand!

 photo drunkcraft10_zps5b912a70.jpg

Cover up any exposed edges using a colour co-ordinating washi tape -

 photo drunkcraft9_zps2f760894.jpg
et voila!


 photo drunkcraft16_zpsd7dd0703.jpg

If you do this properly - ie: trace out your pictures, apply your modge podge smoothly, put an extra layer on top and leave them to fully dry before man-handling them - you will have some awesome up-cycled coasters. If however, you'd prefer to involve your husband and a few bottles of red wine - you may not get the most beautiful looking coasters, BUT -

you will have fun and lots of laughter.


Keri Bainborough said...

This makes my heart so happy :) I need to do some drunken crafting!

van said...

Very cute- sounds like a plan :)

Megs H said...

Love it....looks like you had a really good time :)

Caley said...

Hahaha, they look fabulous - especially because you did them, together, drunk...

waitingformeg said...

hahaha, seriously! I enjoy you guys so much. Drunken crafting FTW!

Warrz said...

It's well worth it! And ps: the more wine the more surprise at what you created come the next day ;)

Che Kershaw said...

drunken crafting FTW! i should make a youtube channel.

Che Kershaw said...

why thank you! you have to balance your drink very carefully on them to avoid the lumps knocking it over. lol.. just kidding.. kind of.

Che Kershaw said...

we did indeed! :)

Keri Bainborough said...

I'm sure! Next time I'm in Lundun, we're drunk-crafting with you guys! Just must ensure Andrew stays away from any power drills. ;)

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