Friday, August 9, 2013


Following from the popularity of last week's FUN FACT FRIDAY! I've decided to continue this feature - so here is this week's FUN FACTS FRIDAY! 

A pregnant goldfish is called a TWIT

 photo funfact1_zps5e2c780e.jpg

 photo funfact2_zpsc9a49b12.jpg
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 photo funfact4_zps1974cd5d.jpg  photo funfact3_zps752ac89b.jpg
Above: The indieBerries' version of the stomach.
It's a good thing I decided to not listen to my teachers and become a Doctor.

 photo funfact6_zps5510049b.jpg
Also - the orginal name of Leonardo da Vinci's famous painting was titled:
"Monna Lisa" 
Monna is the common italian shortening for Madonna - meaning My Lady
but today, the most recognisable name of the Painting (Mona Lisa) is due to a spelling error.

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 photo funfact8_zpsa49f7ad9.jpg
I like my coffee so hot that it burns me.
So i highly doubt this.

Feel free to read about the crafty indieBerrie-ways in which you can re-use your  left over cereal milk for your coffee milk. Genius.

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 photo funfact7_zps45bb30dd.jpg

The word "ALMOST" is the longest word in the English 
language in which all the letters are alphabetical.

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 photo funfact5_zps40486d0d.jpg

I'd ask for my money back if I were them.

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 photo funfact11_zps95dd7642.jpg

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In 1386, a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child
 photo funfact10_zpsce68fbb9.jpg

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Bacon is addictive. It contains six types of UMAMI - 
Umami produces an addictive neurochemical response

Don't worry, I googled umami too.

Scientists have also found that it is a good idea for pregnant women to eat bacon - because it contains the chemical choline - which stimulates fetal brain development.

As if you needed an excuse.

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 photo funfact12_zps2ad796d8.jpg

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 photo funfact9_zps96813327.jpg

And if that is not an anatomically correct biological drawing,
then I don't know.

* * * * * 

Hope you enjoyed today's FUN FACT FRIDAY!

Happy Women's Day to every beautiful woman in South Africa
and Eid Mubarak for everyone celebrating Eid.

Go forth and share the knowledge!


GeeGee said...

awesome, I knew most of those but you've just reminded me of some facts for our next quiz! Also - should you need it, reckon you can go into a job as an anatomical artist for medical books and stuff.

I didnt know pregnant goldfishies are called Twits. Thats great. I have a friend called I wait til she's pregnant to tell her...hmmm

Che Kershaw said...

excellent my job as medical artist is on stand-by.

defs wait till your Fish friend is pregnant.
then - as a consolation prize - at least she can eat all the bacon she likes.

Gaelyn Cokayne said...

Ah BACON - my husband has always joked that Zoe and I are addicted to it, and now I can't wait to tell him that it's a proper, real addiction with chemicals and names and stuff. (Great to know we're not just greedy haha!)

Damn, now I'm having a craving.... And if you know anyone who does CrossFit you will know that we neeeeed our bacon!!!

Johlet said...

Still laughing my butt off!!!!