Thursday, August 22, 2013


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So things are very busy all up in here.

I'm currently working on several big (and little) projects simultaneously - so thought I would share some behind the scenes shots of my life that is suddenly very full with "things".

In preparation for the Blogcademy which I'll be attending in London next month - I have decided to get on it and start jotting some ideas down for business plans and models, the structure of indieBerries as a brand and company, my personal and professional objectives and various other little bits and pieces so that by the time I go the Blogcademy I already have a clear direction of where I want to be - so that the Blogcademy Gals can show me the steps I need to take to get there.

I feel that if I rock up at the Blogcademy with no clear direction of where I want to be and what I want to achieve, I will be overwhelmed with inspiration and bombarded with ALL the new exciting things I could do that I will get caught up in an "I-MUST-DO-ALL-THE-THINGS" and my head will explode.

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which would be an AWFUL shame, because I had so many things planned for September.

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So anyway I have been working on formulating some business plans and goals lately - 

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(coffee || essential)

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My life has really been hindered by the fact that I am a perfectionist. You see this "business plan" mind map that you see above? Yeah. I nearly had to re-do the whole thing because I decided after I started that I didn't like the red pen I used at the beginning. And it's just a mind map.

I recently read on Gala's blog that 

Which is exactly true and exactly my problem. 
I'm working on it.

(read: looking those two red paragraphs in the eye and cringing, but resisting the urge to start the whole thing over again)

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I am also currently working on designing the new indieBerries website, which I am hoping to launch soon - although there is a still a bunch of work which needs to be done. (If all goes to plan - there will be an awesome new website/design indieBerries partnership that you can look forward to hearing about soon.)

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I have been working on some freelance stuff - some different logo and corporate identity designs as well as wedding stationery and an exciting kids book illustration project.

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(above: Muku & Ishi - they're twins - can you tell?)

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Apart from that I am also in progress with some personal projects (which are, of course, the first things to slide off the table when other stuff comes in). I have a whole host of personal projects including a quirky published "date-book", fun stationery and other random things that are currently on the go. As well as this, I need to get some indieBerries business cards and postcards designed and printed before the Blogcademy and i am also trying to keep indieBerries blog from trailing off under the mountain of these other things.

Oh yes,

I also have a husband and a life.

So basically - I am feeling rather "duck on the water" it's when you see those quirky quackers just gliding along the water as if everything is hunky dory but they are swimming like crazy below the surface just to keep going - that's kinda me right now 

except I'd say I'm more of the elegant-swan-furiously-scratching-rat-legs variety.

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That was a weak attempt at a haha

I think I lost my humour somewhere around 2am last night.



If you are interested in seeing some of the material I have been using to formulate some of the more "businessy" things - you can check out the Etsy Guide to "Writing a creative business plan in under an hour" - Caroline Cummings suggests you look at your business plan as if it has the restraints of twitter - sum up your objectives and purpose in 140 characters or less. Basically, the elevator pitch.

This workshop on the Key Person of Influence offers different workshops and books on becoming the key figure in your field. The success stories are really inspiring - the first guy is a South African gym instructor who reworked his pitch from being "a gym instructor" to being a "12 week life transformation" coach and has completely re-defined his business.

And Jess Lively talks here about managing big projects that are running concurrently and how to keep yourself sane whilst doing it. She does have a full time project manager to keep her on track (yeah, I'd like one of those - will be paid in brownies {shop bought}) Jess mentions something which she calls the 'heartbeat' method for keeping things running smoothly. Def worth a read for most freelancers.

That's all I have time for on indieBerries for today

and yes,

I am still in my pyjamas.


Rhianne said...

Ohh now this is really interesting, I'm glad you're sharing this journey. I managed to narrow down my life goals to 4 words, but I haven't really been able to focus specifically on a career aim. I'm definitely going to look at those links, thank you for sharing and I'm 100% that if you wanted to take over the world Che, you could definitely do it :) so I'm excited to see how this evolves into your success x

Megs H said...

You are one super busy lady!!! I take my hat off to you that you can manage so many things and all at must be some sort of "magician" with magical powers?!? Please share your secret with us....

Warrz said...

Go you gorgeous thang, you can do it ALL xxx

Rhianne said...

Oh actually, do you have spotify? I've been listening to 'Think and Grow Rich' by Napolean Hill on there, and some talks by a man called Jim Rohn on there as well and I think they would help inspire you too - they're focused on self development which then transfers into your work development :) if you find the time, I would definitely recommend both of those

Che Kershaw said...

"if i find the time" - gurrrrl. WHO do you think I AM?

jokes haha :) i will defs check him out! thank you! and also - am ready for TOTAL world DOMINATION. you're invited to my yacht.

GeeGee said...

Woah that is supremely exciting and bonkers to try and narrow down what you're after - maybe you could have done that with your wedding planning :) My dress: Our Vows: Our music: 140 characters and so on!

CityGirl said...

Che you lovely {BUSY} girl! Thanks so much for sharing those links, I've been banging my head around trying to find inspiration for my business ideas and trying to tie them all down is a nightmare! I'm very excited for you and Indieberries...looking forward to seeing what you 'cook' up :) xx Good luck! x