Thursday, August 15, 2013


Today I'm feeling a bit like a crazy person with a bajillion thousand things to do. I know I don't really have a bajillion thousand things to do - but my brain is feeling like there is. I have so many different "projects" on the go - projects for other people, projects for me, projects for other-people-for-me. (I know, that last one's a bit tricky).

I have so many "things" going haywire in my mind (hence insomnia) that I have expressed my concern to the husband -

Me: I have so many things on the go! I like... I need like some kind of system! Like a... like a...
Husband: ...Like an excel spreadsheet?!
Me: No. Like a Pinboard.

 photo wallpaper1206472_zps71259aa1.jpg
Above: Left and Right brain thinkers - I can't remember where I saw this originally but you can see the image bigger if you click here. Tis so beautiful.

Because of all the madness currently on the go and in lieu of a "proper" blogpost - here are a few funny/lovely things -

 photo 1920131403161_zps66eb4558.jpg
(I don't have the original source for this - sorry y'all)

Otherwise, you can have a look at some artist sketchbooks
Or at this website - which is both cool and disturbing.. and... "are those facebook pictures?!"
and some super realistic artworks on boredPanda.

If you're in the WINNING mood - 
Glossary is running a very cool competition 

and so is Raising Men - I'm not in South Africa - 
so you will have to go WIN ALL THE THINGS for me.

oh yes.

and i'm cooking for Warr's mom tonight - 

so that will be fabulous.


Rhianne said...

I'm worried by how much time I just spent on that pointer website lol. I love the sketch books too, I wish mine looked anywhere near as exciting as those, but its just mostly illegible scribbles...

Mariska van Wyk said...

Also LOVE that brain image, I cover all the social media things to cover with it - it's a constant struggle between the two for me.

Keri Bainborough said...

Good luck Jenny!!! ;)

Caley said...

Love that image!! And quite proud that I fit into both sides, on some days it's black and white and others, it's every colour in the world!! Good luck with the cooking x

GeeGee said...

I'm a leftie which gets lost in the right without realising sometimes. That text overlay is lovely!

Pointer is an impressively composed brilliant time waster. Bad Che for introducing it during the work day!

Lauren said...

Haha - shot for the punt there friend!! Muchos appreciated xxx

Che Kershaw said...

ah the inner turmoil struggle of left-versus right! Im a total right brain... and then something snaps and Im all serious left-brain-logical. it usually doesn't last long haha :)

Che Kershaw said...

no worries! i would love to win all those things! alas!