Wednesday, August 21, 2013

{Wedding} Uber Bride

As you may know - we have lost all our professional wedding pictures. And by "lost" I mean, our wedding photographer had a dog vs hard drive catastrophe and let's just say the hard drives came off second best. You can read the whole long sob story here.

I have been trying to go through the few random pictures that we did get from the photographer - they are either mainly party shots or random crazy shots - most of them are screen-grabs of a a big computer screen which are obviously too low res to print.

Straight after the wedding I blogged about "how to be the most awesome bride evarrrr" in which (ironically) I mentioned that you should just be a real bride and not to worry about getting all the 'bridesy-shots' - your photographer will have that covered - lol turns out, all the photos I now have of me on my wedding day, I am either pulling a crazy face, laughing so hard it looks like I've been frozen in a pig snort or fishing something out my teeth. I'm not sorry. I have tried to scrape together bits and pieces from the few professional pics we have and the friends and family pics that I have asked them to send to me.

Let me be honest - our wedding album is turning out to be far from elegant. But - as wonderful husband says:
"Our love story is far from conventional. So, I guess we may as well have an unconventional wedding album to match."
Yeah, we love that guy.
I'd swop no-pictures to have found my soulmate, any day.

So - back to me hacking through the mess that is our wedding photos - I found these three photos which go together so I thought I would share them with you. Warren told me one of his mates was busy chatting to him when this whole debacle went down - 

 photo pushup1_zpsedaa18fa.jpg
 photo pushup2_zps015586bf.jpg  photo pushup3_zpsa35a9ac4.jpg  photo pushup4_zps76d98d23.jpg

like seriously? is there anything she can't do?!...

 photo pushup5_zps6f1e3516.jpg

 photo pushup9_zps9d528d40.jpg

Warren: "Um... Sorry... If you'll excuse me, I have to go cheer on my lovely new wife..."

 photo pushup8_zps110cee18.jpg

so yeah,

That happened.

 photo pushup7_zps5983e64f.jpg

Above: The unmistakeable leap of Victory.
{Picture left: "Did she just...?... wait. no. Did she just really... and that guy? And they were having a push-up contest... and she just beat..?...No.. she couldn't"}

Yeah buddy,
Yeah, I did.

  photo pushup10_zps42f5c517.jpg

So as I pull together random pics to (finally) show you some snippets from our day - be warned: you will not see elegant bridesy-portrait-composed moments - 
because we simply do not have them. 

You will only see the few random, crazy-beautiful in-between-snapshots bursting full of life - 
which, in all honesty

is exactly us.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Dearest Stuart Prior

I will be re-challenging you to a push-up contest on your own wedding day -
and you had better not lose again.
Your beautiful new wife would be very disappointed - 
and I would hate to have to feed her alcohol to drown her sorrows.

Until then -
Mrs Dyer (League Wife).


Keri Bainborough said...

Haha that's me on the left in disbelief! Beautiful post and so so true - your wedding album is going to be just as real and fun and beautiful as you and Warren are! X

Gaelyn Cokayne said...

Push ups at your wedding? EPIC. I'd be devastated if you hadn't got pics of THAT - never mind all the bridesy posing ones!

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha... and let me add: that dress weighed like 5kgs. #power

GeeGee said...

Those bi/triceps deserve to be shown off girly! HIGH-IMPACT HIGH FIVE!

Lee-Ann Lipman said...

The truth is, these are the pictures that are going to show off the fun at your wedding! They couldn't be more real. I'm looking at my lovey wedding shots now in shame - because those moments you've got captured are the greatest. You can always capture pics of love between you and Warren, but now you'll be saving the memories of the great, awesome and crazy moments. You are the greatest bride, Mrs Dyer.

Laura Bezant said...

one. Ché you are a mother-frikken BOSS.

two. Coffee has to happen soon as the shiny is burning a hole in my pocket.

three. could you re-find me on facebook? I deactivated my old account (bébé) and am now under laura bezant....can't find yous. boo.

shot. x

waitingformeg said...'re just the craziest.

Ange said...

That last picture is the most awesome wedding photograph ever! I doubt there are many brides who have a shot like that in their collection :)

Louise Gillanders said...

ha! I LOVE this! Congratulations!

I hope to see you soon at the Soho meetup!

Lou xx ^.^

Caley said...

Amazeballs. Again, Is there anything you CAN'T do?! x

Warrz said...

My uber soulmate bride & League wife, yes YOU are! <3

Sheylara said...

I just read about the photo disaster and I'm so very sorry that happened to you! I don't know how any bride could ever get live through that catastrophe but, hey, if anyone can, it's gotta be the bride who does push ups in her wedding dress! You might not have proper weddingy photos but you have these awesome ones probably no one else in the world has! :)

Helen Seimenis said...

These random crazy shots probably capture the awesome memories better than all the elegant ones :)