Monday, March 17, 2014

Eat Here: Inamo.

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I guess in London we are a little spoilt for choice when it comes to cool restaurants and particularly novelty type eating establishments. (Remember that time we went to Bubble Dogs?!) So - while the brother was visiting us over Christmas - we decided to take a trip to one of the more novelty London eateries -  Inamo - an interactive Asian-fusion restaurant in Soho. So I just thought I would tell you about it - if you are looking for a cool new place to try in the City - for the approaching summer!

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What makes this restaurant so cool is that it is entirely interactive. The menu is projected from the ceiling onto your plate (above) - and you place your own order directly to the kitchen by "adding the meal" to your "cart" right from your own table. You can also change the "decor" of your table depending on your personal preference or mood!
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While you are waiting for your food - (which seems to just appear out of nowhere) you have the option to interact even further with your table/friends. There are a variety of games that you can select including Battleships and puzzles. You can also read about things to do in the area as well as watch a live video feed of the kitchen - right from your table!
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To be completely honest I didn't expect the food to be any good - I kind of assumed that the restaurant would fall back on the novelty draw card only. But we were so pleasantly surprised and the food we had was some of the best concoctions I've ever eaten! photo inamoblog9_zpsa0c1b3be.jpg
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We decided to go for the Salmon (GET-IN-MY-FACE-YUM) and the pork belly with a spicy chocolate sauce and crushed wasabi peas. With some smaller dishes of Asian-flavoured Aubergine and Chicken satay skewers.
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I'd definitely recommend this restaurant! (And I would particularly say that it's good for a first date! That way... if things get awkward and you realise you're BOMBING OUT hard, you can always fall back on a friendly game of Battleship. {Hint: let her win and you'll redeem your DATING DIVE BOMB})

Or, if you're happily married - 
you can take your husband and let him win the Battleship.
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London folk - where are some other cool restaurants that we should try?!

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