Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I'm really into this "self-help/motivational" book that Lulu gave me to read. I am so into it that I have been quoting phrases to The Warr on an almost hourly basis. The whole book is about directed focus and how to effectively channel your energy to hone in on the ONE thing that will make you successful and asks so many awesome questions that help you determine exactly what that ONE thing is. (I will share more of my experience with this book soon!) Anyway - The following is an actual conversation that took place on Sunday morning - during our coffee-and-reading-session in bed:

 photo warr1_zps0674d5bf.jpg  photo warr2_zps5f2513a5.jpg photo rabbit1_zps02ba9a96.jpg  photo warr3_zps6bfc4e44.jpg  photo warr4_zpsacce7e7d.jpg  photo warr5_zpsc19d5b6f.jpg  photo warr6_zps6237f0c6.jpg  photo warr7_zps68ac43e6.jpg  photo warr8_zps1cff269c.jpg  photo warr9_zps4c18cb74.jpg  photo warr10_zpsc9910c07.jpg

Warren, I love you.

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